Friday, July 27, 2007

Late Friday Night Chat

I don't really know what to write about. I feel like I've been outta touch. My dumb computer is acting really nasty lately. It's been getting hot, then freezing up & then completely shutting down. You know how sometimes you move your mouse, & then 4 seconds later the little arrow on your computer screen finally moves? Maybe it's just me...

I am SOOOO excited about my Nikki time tomorrow!! My mom & I are going to "Antiques in the Park"--it happens every year about this time & it's a smaller to medium antique-y/flea market thing just 5 minutes away. It's super fun & I always find goodies to craft with--old sign letters, old buttons, interesting old patterns, old keys. I can't wait! Also, there is a HUGE arts fair tomorrow in a park by my beloved river & if I get a chance I'll pop in & walk around. It's so large & so hot that I'm not sure if it's do-able. That's where I hope to get into next year, if I get my crafty act together. You have to be accepted & there are a lot of fine arts type stuff, so I don't even know if my stuff would qualify. We'll see...

Oh AND I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow. For some reason this always makes me nervous. Hair cuts & dentists are right even at the top of my yucko list. But, I won a gift certificate for a hair cut & style in February, & I better use it. I MAY do a before & after if I'm brave enough, if I'm having a sassy sorta day.

I'm snacking on one of my favorite things: Blue Diamond brand, Lime 'n Chili flavored almonds. Yummo!

I got my first set of biz cards back for the Ugly Biz Card Contest, from Beck @ Little Daisy Chains! They are really cute! Can't wait to show 'em all!

Oh, & I've been doodling with colored pencils & oil pastels & I really have no idea what I'm doing, but I am LOVING doing it!! There's a sneak peek pic up top. I'm getting my "sweet tooth" drawings designed & ready for my notecards sometime in the near future. Again, another photo taken by the light of my desk lamp. Not the greatest, but it'll do.


  1. Oh Nikki
    Hope3 computer sorts itself soon as I miss my daily read.
    Those drawings are fab girl, wow you have a natural talent.
    Hope you have a great me day it sounds like sooo much fun.

  2. You consider that just doodling? It's really great! You definitely have talent in that area. I'm pretty artistic, but I suck at drawing.

    Those almonds sound yummy (and really dangerous for my hips!) ;-)

    Have a nice time shopping - I'm jealous!

  3. I hate when our computers act up! those electronic gadgets become such a part of our lives... Yeah, I wouldn't say those are just doodles! They are scrumptious.
    Have fun! hope to see pics!


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