Sunday, July 22, 2007

Lazy Sunday...

I have had the most relaxing & enjoyable weekend...And as a result of that, I got a bit lazy with the "Yowza! It's the Featured Sunday Artist..." segment. I'm sure you'll forgive me. So, today it's gonna be a mish-mash of doo-dads.

First of all, I spent yesterday with my sis having lunch, shopping & sipping cold coffee drinks for about 4 hours straight! And, kidless! It was my Nikki time you see....For lunch we had Tomato Bisque soup, Spicy Chicken & Cilantro Salad, Warm & Cheesy filled breadsticks, & Caribbean Iced Tea...Of course when I'm out shopping, I hardly pick up anything for myself. I'm always getting goodies & gadgets for my fam & friends. I happened to find some really cute stuff for my cupcake swap buddy too! No revealing yet. Wah!

And here's a funny story just for you...You know how when you are a kid (or even an adult!) & you lay in the grass & look up at the clouds & try to create some sort of object from the puffy white masses? Like, "Oh look! There's a giraffe!" or "I see a flower!" Well, this morning my girls & I were in the car, waiting for daddy--& my girls were saying, "Oh look! I see a dinosaur! Look at the dinosaur, mommy!" I couldn't figure out where they were seeing any clouds because our driveway sits under a heavy covering of trees. Then, I realized they were seeing shapes from the white masses of---bird poop splattered all over our van!! HAHA! Isn't that gross & clever, all at the same time???? I guess I'll be getting the van washed today!

I finished one of the fabulous vintage aprons I scooped up at the thrfty store last week. I decided to start with my favorite "hip granny" apron. I completed this project while watching a really dumb movie last night. Dumb movies & craftiness go GREAT together! It turned out really cute!! I used a really large cupcake shape & my dwindling stash of vintage pink buttons. Although, I was able to increase my pink button count by quickly scooping up a bag of pink buttons that Tacky Tiffany was selling. They are so awesome!! Most of them are Button Ring bound. The apron should be in the shop soon.

And lastly, I am SUPER, SUPER pleased that my "Mini Tag Banner--CUPCAKES" is getting constant views in the shop!! I am going to work on another banner. But, what word should I do? I was thinking "CREATE" or "LAUGH" or "SILLY" or "FAMILY". Leave a comment & let me know what you think. You can write your own word, it doesn't have to be one of those 4 just mentioned. Oh, & what color combo too?

**Swim lessons start tomorrow! Yikes.

Hope you've had a lovely lazy Sunday as well...


  1. The cupcake banner looks great! Wonderful idea!

  2. What about WELCOME to be hung in an entryway. Or UNWIND to be hung in a bedroom or other place for relaxation. Hang a REFRESH banner in a powder room.

  3. Love the apron Niki!!! What about CRAFT for a banner. I love the one in the shop. I almost have your cards done but it may be a few days, I'm still in Harry Potter Haze.

  4. Just wanted to say, wow. You're very cool.

  5. I giggle at being called "cool", River! That is probably only the second time EVERS!

  6. hee hee hee
    here I was stalking you and I see you got some cupcake stuff for your partnerhmmmmmm....

  7. Nice relaxing weekend..always welcome.
    Girl, I must say "GET THE VAN WASHED"lol!!!
    I never wash mine like I should :P
    I always realize it's time to wash my suburban when the kids start drawing pictures on it... nothing like riding down the road with massive smiley faces on your vehicle!
    I'm wanting one of your banners! They are awesome!


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