Thursday, July 19, 2007

More Surprises!

Ok, is this "Surprise Nikki Week"?? I got ANOTHER unexpected goodie in the mail yesterday! YAY! Presents rock my world!! (And you know I'll be totally bummed if I don't get one tomorrow. Not really!) It was a mini canvas from my blog buddy Christine over at Bella Colle. It's petite & sweet. I'm afraid the picture I took doesn't convey how really charming it is! I hung it right away in a spot right by my computer in my art studio. The title of it is "Friends" & it says: "When we stand shoulder to shoulder we are invincible." It's been glitter-fied & the cutest polka dot bow surrounds the whole canvas. Christine is expanding her talents of soldering charms & such, & adding some miniature artwork to her shop. She's got a mini "princess cupcake" canvas people!!

And speaking of cupcakes.....I'm JUST about finished with this! What do you think? It's my newest creation, going into the shop later today. I haven't come up with a schnazzy name yet. They're mini tag chain banners? Too long... I'll come up with something. They're made from those circular hang tags that you get from office supply stores. I made this first one to say "CUPCAKES", but I can custom make any word or phrase. I chose pink as the color theme & had a blast attaching all the little coordinating papers & letters & embellishments.--& of course, glitter! YAY!
**UPDATE: They're in the shop now! Yippee! Click HERE!


  1. Ooh, that is a cute banner. You could just call it a Tag Banner, although that is a name that is a lot more concise than it is interesting :-)

  2. I got one from Bella too! Now I feel like one of the cool kids! Love your new banners too!

  3. AWW, thanks Nikki!
    Your ever so crafty, love your banner! how long is it? I don't know why I have Christmas on the brain today, but wouldn't those be cute as decorations for Christmas? Fourth of July? Kiddos rooms? neat idea girl!

  4. Thanks guys! They're in the shop now. I create a link...
    It's 19 inches long from end to end. I'm going to make one that says SILLY I think for my art studio!
    Yes, they'd make GREAT Christmas gifts!! I have a bunch of ideas in the listing on Etsy...

  5. you really do love cupcakes huh? so cute


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