Monday, July 16, 2007

My Mini Vacation is Over...

Hiya! Well, the company is gone & now I can get back into the swing of things. Our last day together was so nice just relaxing by the river. The water was cold, but crisp & refreshing! I loved, as a kid, writing my name in the sand on the beach. Or just dragging a stick behind me as I walked & watching the little trail it created.

It has been SO hard to be away from my crafty supplies! There are a few projects half done that I can now--finally!--get finished. I'm speaking of my cupcake button pendant/ornament/thingie, my nifty idea for a collage using my old stamps, & another new idea: a cute little mini banner--you'll see!!

I'm also on the hunt today for a full-size vintage apron. I've had a request from a potential customer to create one of my cupcake aprons in full-size, instead of the half-size that's in the shop. So, I guess the girls & I will go out today for a jaunt to my favorite thrifting spots. Wish me luck!

And, "THANK YOU!" to all that have decided to play along with me in the "Ugly Biz Card Contest"!!! So far, there are 15 participants & another Etsy artist has signed on for a donation to the contest, so that's a total of 5 artists supplying sweet treats to the winner(s)!! Thank you! I'm so thrilled! Click HERE for the link to the contest & for any updates at the bottom of that page. I'm also asking for those that receive the cards, if you could write your name on the back of the cards as "Artwork by (your name &/or Etsy shop)". I thought I was going to do it myself, but I'm realizing that will take a long time on 150+ cards!! I'll also send an email out soon with this request/reminder! I've changed the last day to sign up as August 3rd!!! (I'll be out of town August 4-12th, heading to Oakland, CA to help my church youth group do dramas/skits, work with some inner-city kids there, feed the homeless, & other awesomenss such as that!)

And, call me crazy, but I've joined another swap! A cupcake swap!! I squeaked in on the last day! It was destiny I tell ya. My partner is Jeannie & you can check out her blog HERE.
I'm off to get ready for my apron hunt!!

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  1. It sounds like you had an awesome break! you deserved it! Wow... youth retreat! You brave girl! It really takes someone special to work with youth... You fit the bill girl! Keep me posted on your trip.


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