Sunday, July 8, 2007

New Cards!

I've added a series of 6 new cards to the shop. They were made using pages from a vintage "early reader" book featuring Tom, Betty, Susan, Bunny (the stuffed rabbit), & Flip (the dog), that I scavenged at a recent yard sale. The whole top corner looked like it had been eaten by a dog. The cover was missing, but I'm guessing it's from the 1950's. I was able to cut around all that & get some adorable cards made--all from a chapter about "funny little cakes"--also known as "cupcakes"! They've been inked & glitterized & WhiMSy loved! The card pictured is #1 of 6. Go check 'em out!!

I've also got another apron in the shop!! This is my favorite so far. And, "Why?" you ask? Each cupcake is decked out with pink vintage buttons! I don't know if you remember my blog a while back about finding a small baggie of pink buttons at the bottom of a large jar-o-buttons at an antique store? Well, my whole arm practically got stuck inside trying to claim those buttons as my own!

P.S. Oh yeah, there is no "YOWZA! Featured Artist" segment today, in case ya couldn't tell. It's just been a crazy weekend. Sorry! Stay tuned next week!


  1. That card is cute! Whimsyloved and all!!! Hey, I might have to check your store out for an apron too! I might be doing the farmers market...need something to keep organized..very lovely girl!

  2. oh love all, that is my fave apron too.


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