Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Postal Awesomeness!

I got a package today in the mail!! I ordered an apron from The Pink Shower Curtain Boutique on Etsy & was assured the apron had no holes or stains. And, it is PERFECT! I love it!! She even sent me 3 cupcake/dessert picks! Is that right up my alley or what? I had mentioned her zip pouches in a previous post & discovered this adorable apron in her shop & snatched it up right away! Thanks Kristin!

The close-up of the cake picks really gives you an idea of the awesome vintage pattern! I'm definitely going to attack it with a cupcake embellishment on the pocket, but I might have to keep this one for myself. Who knows, I may share the apron goodness with my shop & let someone else love it instead. Oh, the bittersweet-ness of it all...

Also, I'm listing some fun new things in the shop tonight. I've decided to put together a sampling of WhiMSy love goodness in the form of a mystery grab bag. There will be about 5 random items included, most of them not even in the shop! It could be a ribbon & button bookmark, a cell phone charm, a gameboard piece magnet, a gift tag, a fabric flower brooch, a flat-backed marble magnet, a vintage earring magnet, vintage puzzle pieces, a vintage button tack, a bottle cap magnet, a paper fortune cookie, a pinwheel cupcake pick, or ANY OTHER RANDOM AWESOME ITEMS I CHOOSE FOR YOU!! Doesn't that sound like fun? I hope so. It'll give people a fun little taste of WhiMSy love! They'll be available in the shop later tonight. But here's a sneak peek!


  1. yes...yes it is awesomeness! oh please let me have a sale so I can visit Whimsylove's store! lol!

  2. lookey at who's been busy, talented and amazing as always Nikki.
    That print on the apron is wicked I love it.

  3. Great grab bag idea! Hey! I see my artwork on your favorite things Etsy widget. What a sweetie you are!

  4. I'm so happy you like your apron and cupcake toppers! You are such a sweetie for mentioning my shop again! :)


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