Saturday, July 28, 2007

Saturday Morning Fun

Hiya! I had the bestest Nikki time today! (I feel that way every Saturday though!) My mom & I had a fun (but hot) time at the 'Antiques in the Park' event. She picked up a couple of white vintage frames for her new white bathroom. I'm her sidekick haggler when we're out bargain shopping. I love haggling. She freezes up, so I have to step in! Yay for bargains! I also picked up a few things: An old 1925 newspaper from Walla Walla Washington. (My grandmother lived there in 1928), 4 old wooden dice, a little girl's dress (for a project I'm making for the shop soon!), a set of old metal measuring cups (I needed some!), & 2 bags of buttons. I was hoping to find other cool odds-n-ends, but the selection was just a bit different this year.

Across the street from this event I also checked out the newest place in town to sell yer crafty stuff. It's a place that sells used books, Cd's, records, & has spots for artsy stuff. There were only a few vendors there: tole painting & painting on glass. Not my taste of stuff. I was told that a metalsmith-er is coming in & someone that blows glass. The price for the space is a steal, really. It's something I'm still thinking about. It's REALLY close, compared to my last space that closed down. I think I'll peek in now & again & see how it's going. It'd be a lot of work to upkeep & I'm loving just having my Etsy for now...

OK, here's the haircut makeover. I decided to be brave. My husband & kids couldn't tell a difference. So, it's not a HUGE difference I guess. For me it is. The stylist really went in & lightened it up with his hair-chopping-razor-dicing mad skills. I learned that I have a rectangle head & I have great hair. I think I said it before, but getting my hair done is as bad as going to the dentist for me. I shared that with my stylist, Mr. Christopher. I'm sure that's a new one for him. HAHA!



Oh, & while visiting with my mom & grandmother after the shopping, I found out some interesting things about my family. My grandmother's father (whom I had never met), used to be a baker & owned a bakery! (No wonder I'm obsessed with sweets!) The bakery burned down after he bought a brand new oven (for $300!). The wiring was messed up & that caused the bakery to catch fire. My grandmother said she remembers the night before the bakery burned down, her dad had a big batch of chocolate chip cookie dough in the giant mixer ready to be baked the next day.
Another interesting fact is that an Uncle & Aunt of mine (the aunt that loaded me with button goodness a while back!!) were the first people to help bring the kiwi fruit to the US for planting & growing. Aren't those awesome & random facts?

I am so excited tonight because I just bought a drawing pad! And, in my past posts about "doodling", I guess I used the wrong word. It IS "drawing". I guess to me drawing is "doodling with a purpose." I took a basic art class my only year of college, but it was a long time ago & I, honestly, am pretending that I know what I'm doing! I just try & it seems to end up OK! It was funny when I purchased the drawing tablet this evening because I was also buying ice cream sandwhiches. The cashier asks, "Oh, do you draw?" I siad, "Yeah, I'm giving it a try." But, she didn't ask me, "Oh, do you eat ice cream sandwhiches?"


  1. Ooooooh what a Sassy Sexy Mama!!! Love it tons and tons!! ;O)

  2. Love the haircut! And the same thing always happens to me - I feel like my haircut is the most dramatic thing and everyone I live with can't tell the difference. Ah well, as long as it makes us feel good, that's what counts!

  3. Your hair looks fantastic! I wish my "dentist" visits made me look that good. :)

  4. Oh Nikki, I love the new hairdo, I could totally tell the difference, but then I love having my hair done. By the way you have such a beautiful natural bounce to your hair.
    Loving the buttons and goodies, sounds like a fun day, for you and MOM.

  5. Love the hair, it looks like YOU!!!! Hey, watch the mail, I stuck your cards in the mail today!!

  6. hey, I was just now on your blog and saw you were all about knitting
    DOH- it was another whimsy girl's site, I almost left a comment.
    I like the hair- it looks flippy and has movement and frames your face etc. dork. My family never knows when I have my hair cut either.

  7. Ohh, you are soo pretty! love the new do!

  8. Nikki, I have said it before and I will say it are so damn cute!!!


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