Tuesday, July 24, 2007


My fork easels are receiveing recognition on a web site that sells home furnishings & such. They buy 'em from me, & sell 'em at their place. It's my first wholesale dealio & it's really quite exciting! Here's the link: http://realmdekor.com/products/feelinthelove/forkframe.html
They've been renamed "fork frames". (Don't you like how I had them add my name & shop!!??) Of course they couldn't put the link to my Etsy site huh? HAHA!

**More later tonight. I'm heading out with the girlios to the river to rollerskate. Well, they'll rollerskate.


  1. you did it girl, that is so exciting!!!

  2. That's really cool! (Did you know they spelled recipes wrong? Oops!)

  3. You rock! how awesome, You are so talented and finally you are being recognized! hurray!

  4. Thank you, thank you...
    Yes, I did notice the misspelling of that word polka dot! But, I figured it wasn't my place to say??

  5. I'm just giddy with excitement for you!!

    You're way too cool.

  6. Oh, and what's with etsy being down today?? :(


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