Monday, August 27, 2007

An Afternoon at the Fair!

First of all, I'm shocked we actually went! The ole hubby complains every year that the fair is "Hot, stinky & dirty." (So we never go.) But, it was HIS idea that we should go this year! That's why I'm shocked. And, to give him credit, it was hot,stinky & dirty. Oh, & let me add expensive. But, I had a blast anyway!!!!

We started out trying to find the animals. We found them RIGHT away. Zoey picked up on the scent. Zoey was so wanting to pet the horse, but as you can see, she was a little afraid.

The bunnies were the cutest! Here, the girls pet the most OBESE bunny I have ever met. I should've asked his name. But, for our purposes here we'll call him "Chunkers" or "Little Bunny Lard Butt".

And we HAD to play those "impossible to win" carnival style games. It's funny 'cause I helped Zoey with one game: you had to shoot a water gun into a clown's mouth & the more you squirt in its mouth, the bigger the balloon blows up on his head. (Oh my gosh. Typing that out makes it sound so weird.) Well, we were competing with a little girl & her DAD! Whoever had their balloon pop first won. Well, thank the Almighty Lord of Heaven & Earth & Carnival Games because it was a TIE! yay! It was a good thing because I would've hated to see that little girl lose. HAHA!

The funniest part (looking back, of course) of our fair experience had to be when we visited the baby chicks. I held one right away. (Auh, they're so cute. ) I remember one pooping on my hand in Kindergarten. (That wasn't so cute.) I was hoping that wouldn't happen again. Zoey held the baby chick so gently. And then Pazely wanted to hold one. I immediately got nervous. She put it in her hands for, like, a half of a second. She pulled her hands away SO quickly! The chick dropped to the floor. Don't worry, it was OK. How do I know it was OK? Because it started running around like a chicken with its head cut off. HAHAHA! Ok, for reals-back to the story...I was so worried that someone was going to step on it. There were people everywhere! So, I crouched down & started chasing the little guy while yelling, "There's a chick on the loose! There's a chick on the loose!" No one seemed to even care. I finally caught the crazy chick & we got out of there FAST!!

And man, look at how glossy my forehead & face was! It was hot people. The poor girls had hot red cheeks all day!

My favorite part of our fair experience was sliding down a HUGE slide. AND--it was PINK!!!! Zoey & I went down side-by-side. I have to admit that when we got to the top of the many, many flights of stairs, I started to have a mini panic attack. Man, that was high up! I had to be all brave & cool for Zoey though, so I pushed her out of the way so I could be the first to sit down on the slide & ready for take-off. Not really! It was a blast! It was the only ride I went on because I wanted to be the photo-chik.

I also got to eat a giant elephant ear! I haven't had one of those since I was a kid. In fact, I don't think I've been to the fair since I was a kid!

I'm working on a custom order right now for a set of Paper Fortune Cookies for a bridal shower. All the sayings have to do with "love". I've had so much fun looking up quotes & finding the perfect sayings to print on the "fortunes". It made me think that I need to find a quote that fits ME just perfectly. I'm on the hunt...

Oh, & my DORK scrabble tile ring set SOLD yesterday! I'm kinda sad to say goodbye to the little guy! But, I'll have to come up with another cheesy ring set! Rock on with your crafty self!


  1. Thanks for sharing your day at the fair! I think "Chunkers" is my favorite - you crack me up! : )

    Wonderful photos : )

  2. aww, looks like you guys had a blast! Looks like that fat fellow (the bunny) wont be hoppin down any trail! You and your daughters are soo pretty! even in the heat. Glad you had fun.

  3. wow looks like loads of fun, we don't have any cool fairs here, oh lookie at all the animals.
    Great news on the dork ring thats so cool.
    P.s. your outfit is soooo cool

  4. Looks like you had too much fun!

  5. what great photo's! Thanks for sharing!


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