Friday, August 3, 2007

Art Detox

Does anyone want to join me in my "art detox" for 9 days?....I didn't think so.....I'm planning on journaling while away in California, so when I get back maybe I'll post some of the best bits from my journal & give you a taste of my adventures. I hope I have many stories to tell.

I was given a great idea to use my increasing passion for photography as an outlet while in my detox: Take pictures of the food, the kids, anything. I'm really excited about that! We'll also be visiting Pier 39/Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco & I'm hoping to taste some crepes I remember having while on my honeymoon 8 1/2 years ago.

So, this will be my last blog entry until I return from my trip with the youth group. We'll be doing dramas & skits in Oakland & assisting local organizations in their interactions with the homeless & others we meet. Our message will be simple: Jesus loves you. I'm really excited about this great adventure I'm about to embark on. It will be strange without my family, but there must be something I'm supposed to learn on my own in this chapter of my life.

On the agenda for the rest of the day is finishing the girls' laundry, stocking the fridge for the fam, & Zoey is helping me sharpen all my colored pencils to take along. Although, I think she is having a bit of a practical joke fun by sharpening both ends of each pencil. I will be picked up tomorrow morning at around 6am. I'll smother my sleeping girls faces with kisses & then I'll be on my way. I've obsessively packed double the amount of undies I'll need & I've got just the last bits (toothbrush, makeup, etc.) to pack tomorrow. My sweet mother will be taking care of the girls during the work week until their daddy gets home. I don't think she realizes what she's in for.

Thanks to all my blog friends for your well-wishes! I will miss you, seriously. I'm starting to get clammy hands already.


  1. here is me giving you a big hug! ooooooox.
    you go and have a wonderful time and fill us all in when you get back!

  2. Hey, I went to San Francisco on my honeymoon, too! SF for half the time and Napa for the other half. I haven't been back to the west coast since (12 years ago!), but I hope to go back someday. It was a great trip.

    Have fun! I hope you are kept busy enough that you don't have too much of a chance to miss your girls or develop Internet Withdrawal :-)

  3. have a great time! I *love* San Francisco ...

  4. I keep checking your blog-forgetting you are away. So sad! I'm in Nikki detox. Can't wait to hear about your adventures in SF!

  5. Hi,
    I know you're not there and can't read this but I GOT MY PACKAGE!!!!!!! I LOVE IT. dont look at my blog till you get your package and then click to see the flower cupcake cuties

  6. Visiting from Jean Knee - lucky you! Poor Grandma!


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