Friday, August 17, 2007

Bonding While Baking...

I have been anxious to show off the day of cupcake baking I had with my girls on Wednesday. My hubby didn't get it. He was baffled at our cupcake party plans. He thinks there has to be a REASON you bake cupcakes, like a holiday or birthday or some other celebration. NOT AT ALL!! Any day is a cupcake day in my book! (And it always helps if you have a box mix!)

And what makes crafting & baking even MORE fun?? Making messes along the way!
"You've got a glob of frosting stuck in your hair? Who cares--we'll chisel it out tonight!"....."You dropped a load of batter on the carpet? That's OK! Leave it there!--It's easier to pick up when it's hard & chunky anyway!"....."Sprinkles all over the floor? Cool! It looks WAY better that way!!"

Confetti cake mix rocked the house. And chocolate, pastel pink, white & soft blue were the choice of frostings. We decided our fun would be in honor of Pazely's two front teeth, who were about to see the end of their days. (Her surgery went awesome! Thanks everyone for your thoughts & well-wishes! Hi Olivia! Pazely says "Fank-you!".......OH, & random funny story in the middle of my cupcake party blog: After Pazely had her two front teeth removed, Zoey came home & saw her little sister for the first time since Pazely got home from the hospital. They were sitting at the dining table together & Zoey said, "I don't think I will play with Pazely too much. I don't want to catch what she has!")

I had to steal a picture of "Bowl Licker Pazely" at the end of our long line of cupcake-batter-filled tins awaiting their friend "the oven". I even bought a brand new 24-mini muffin tin for the occasion. I've never owned a mini tin! YAY! Presents for Nikki!

And here are the lovely cupcakes! We had so much fun using all our new sprinkles, picks & embellishments I've received from my last two (& only two) cupcake swaps! We packaged up several cupcakes in a box & brought them to a neighboring family. Another box went to the mechanics at my family's auto shop. You gotta share the cupcake love!

Cupcakes rule.....ya dig?


  1. oh my what fun. those cupcakes where such eyeccandy i wonder if i can crochet some that look like those lol.

  2. wasn't the cupcakes for no reason awesome? they aren't for anything so there is no deadline to meet.
    they turned out very delicious looking.

  3. I swear you are the cooliest mom in the world, cupcakes rule, tell the girlz they made the best looking cupcakes I have ever seen, don't forget to send some this way lol.
    love to all
    cupcakes rule!!!

  4. What great looking cupcakes!!

    I love your pictures too. :)

  5. I love the first photo Nikki~ those little hands! You are the coolest mom!!! Tell Pazely she can whistle easier without her 2 front teeth!!


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