Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Cupcake Overdose.

I got my cupcake swap package today!! And I had SO much fun! My girls were as eager as I to open all the little treasures. The funny thing is, the girls & I were just about to head outside to the park for some picnic & swimming fun when we stumbled upon a large package outside the door. I cannot believe how spoiled I feel. I got so many fun little things. And Jeannie had mentioned to me earlier how much she enjoyed the wrapping part of the package as well. And, oh-my-gosh, they were the cutest things I have ever seen. First of all, she gave me two boxes folded to look like cake slices filled with goodies, & a couple other sweet little folded boxes embellished & velcroed shut (filled with goodies) & 4 adorable bags embellished & glitterfied (filled with goodies). I see my daughters pink turtle got in the picture too.
And, I think the best part was that she sent my girls each 3 cupcakes made out of real cupcake liner, tissue paper & other embellishments-- & INSIDE were hiddent little treats. The cupcake was just a disguise! I already told Jeannie (this is the 3rd time now) that I am SO STEALING THAT IDEA!!! How cute would that be for a free giveaway at my shop with every order? A sweet WhiMSy love treat wrapped in a cupcake? Love it. I think my favorite store bought thing she sent was a beautiful cupcake ornament. (It's in the lower right hand corner of the picture.)And my favorite handmade thing? It's so hard to say!!! I loved everything, but one of my faves is a little pink & white polka dot tag Jeannie made with a shabby chic looking cupcake & glitter. It's adorable. The cupcake picks will get a chance to be used tomorrow. The girls & I will begin "Operation Cupcake". Thank you so much Jeannie! I feel like I have been rained upon from cupcake heaven!!

So, now I can reveal what I sent to my partner, Jeannie. I sent her a tea towel with a cupcake stitched on it, a package of kitschy plastic flower cupcake toppers from A. Bel Emporium, a package of my pinwheel cupcake picks, a cupcake colored pencil drawing, some store bought cupcake thank-you notes, vanilla frosting lipgloss, 2 cupcake gift bags, a matchbox decorated with a cupcake (& filled with matches), a cupcake notepad, cupcake earrings, a cupcake tag, round cupcake tags from Scrapbooking Mama, a set of 5 pink/purple painted clothespins with magnets on the bag (to use on the fridge for art or messages) with stickers embellished spelling out "sweet", a set of handmade notecards & MY favorite thing I did for Jeannie was to make her some waterproof cupcake mailing labels with her address on them.

Tomorrow I decided will be mannequin head Wednesday. I will post my shots of mannequin heads along with some stories from my Oakland trip.
I'm glad to be back. I feel back to normal physically, but my brain does not feel back to its usual self...


  1. oh nikki I love the cupcake goodness its so happy making me smile on this rainy day, love all goodies both sides, oh I am off to find a cupcake swap, there must be one somewhere.
    Glad your back and can't wait for the heads.

  2. Wowza! You hit cupcake overload-lucky girl!

  3. What an awesome swap, so many cupcake lovelies!

  4. omg! what an awesome swap!!!


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