Thursday, August 23, 2007

I Love To Blog

I wanted to share this pic with you from my Oakland trip. The team I went with got to go to Boedecker Park in San Francisco & have a par-tay for the homeless. It was quite awesome. There is free food, a kid's area (that's where I helped out at) with face painting, art, & a bouncy jumpin' castle, free clothes, live music & a dance team to entertain everybody, & basketball. It happens about 4 times a year. In the kid's area I was able to take a few pictures of a large mural on the side of the brick building right next to the playground equipment. I just loved it!!

I've been thinking about how I'm about to experience a little alone time soon. As in, preschool is starting in 12 days & for the first time both girls will be attending! I'm hoping I'll be able to actually clean something around here. The dust bunnies are just about in need of some leashes. But, I had a fantastic thought. I am going to have a party on that first day of preschool. A preschool party for mommy. I've always wanted to have a morning where I sit around & watch talk shows & sip some tea, put my feet up, read some mags & eat a whole bunch of frosted circus animal cookies. Or just a bagel. I'm totally gonna do it. Just one day. Sept 4th, here we come!

OK, the girls are outside right now with some neighbors making acorn, poisonous apple & bitter berry stew. They are smashing little apples that came from a scary thorny bush in our backyard onto rocks & making a sauce, juicing the berries in a sandpail of water & crunching up the acorns. Zoey just came up & said, "Momma, look out the window at us. We're working as a team...." As long as they don't eat it, I'm fine. I had to snap a pic!

And lastly, look what I got in the mail today!!! It was a suprise gift from my BEFF (Best Etsy Friend Forevers), Beck, at Little Daisy Chains. The artist who made these is from Portland & her website is They are shrinky dinks & they are adorable! Thanks Beck!
Tonight I'm planning on working on another mini tag banner that the lovely Christine @ Bella Colle has requested. And, I want to get to playing around with those lids from yesterday's blog! Hopefully I'll have some goodies to show ya tomorrow!


  1. Niki I love it that you shot the mural at Bodecker Park!!!! Last time I was there it was just a really horrible grafitti mess so it looks great now!!!
    A mommy party is a great idea! I remember so well when my 2nd one started school, I slept all day. It was wonderful!!!!

  2. Oh Nikki what a great post, blogging brings such great inspiration and fun especially from you dear friend.
    Urgh that stew of your girls looks very yummy lol.
    Sept 4th sounds like a fab day and well deserved Nikki time.
    Love those cupcake earrings how cute, I have never heard of shrinky dink mayhave to investigate.

    p.s. you have been tagged check out my blog xxxxx

  3. Ooh, a Mommy Party sounds perfect... I think I may steal your idea!

  4. Nummy...are they planning to ward off goblins?LOL!!!
    Oh, here is a big hug! BOTH girlies off to school...I remember just sitting there when #3 went to school last year too... (I had homeschooled him till 2nd grade..)The house empty..You just have a Nikki day! you deserve it.


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