Friday, August 31, 2007

Late Night Tea

A few nights ago I had tea with my girls. I had promised them all day that we'd have tea--REAL tea--& fancy cookies. But, the day got away from me. And I am not one to break my promises, so we had a late night tea. We were all in our pajamas & it was loads of fun! We filled their tiny tea set pots & jars with real sugar & real milk & set out fancy linens for our fancy cookies. The girls set the table up with everything in its proper place. Some plates chipped, some pieces missing, but STILL all very functional. The girls were having a major Ooohh! & Ahhhh! moment.

And in other news: I've got loads to do, but not loads of time to do it....
I'm working on a couple custom orders, which are going way too slow for my liking....I'm photographing Ugly Biz Cards for the voting coming up soon. Be patient with me if the photos are not available for the peeking first thing Sept. 2nd. I'm workin' on it, I'm workin' on it.....I've got my BFF's swap package to send off. (It's Beck at Little Daisy Chains!) This was a swap that she & I decided to do on our own. It's kinda fun because there are no rules. We are just making & purchasing items that we feel would be fun for the other person. I'll make sure I take pics after I send it...I also need to photo some items for my shop...send some packages off on an adventure in the mail.....& prep for a day of boating fun tomorrow!!! And I'm sure there are tons of other little things I'm forgetting about that need to be done. All the while I'll be stopping to smell the flowers, or course.

BORING, BORING, I know.....

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!! You might not see me around this weekend. As I'll be busy & all. But.....I still love ya!
Oh yeah, & I'm looking for sushi stuff for a best friend of mine, he loves sushi. I've doinked around Etsy & will probably buy some stuff there. I'm thinkin' magnets? Notecards?...I even saw a cute sushi catnip toy! (For his cat.) Shall I try to draw sushi? I've never eaten the stuff! I'll need to do some research. It grosses me out. I'll gag while sketching. Bleck! Anyway, if any of you know of some great sushi crafts, let me know!!! Thanks peeps!
Oh & my new slogan is: Rock on with your crafty self!!!
I'm outtie.


  1. Nikki
    you silly, sushi is great, this fat girls favorite food!!! Try it, you really will like it! Have a nice Labor Day!

  2. ditto to's good, if you can find the right place! Have a great weekend.

  3. love the new saying may have to steal.
    Ask the girlz when can I come over for tea very cute - you are an amazing mom.
    you would be able to draw sushi no prob's give it ago, babe I just relaised cards haven't got back to you in time, I am soooo sorry, will send back to you I know I am to late for compo but doesn't matter.
    Love to you

  4. Hey! What about my sushi art? Miss you lady...


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