Wednesday, August 15, 2007

OFF With Their Heads!!!

Isn't she beautiful? I think so. She is located in a unisex bathroom in some restaurant/rest stop between here & Oakland. I can't even remember where this was. But, I was warned about her before entering. I didn't even have to pee, I just wanted a photo! She totally stares at you while you're on the toilet. I guess she is rigged with sensor motion detectors & she's supposed to say things like, "Stop that!" "Get out of here!", but she was broken. She has been there a while, because when I showed the picture to my mom, she said, "I've been there!!" It was when I was about 9 years old, if I am correct. (That was about 23 years ago!)

Poor gal. She's GOT to have prune fingers by now...

I saw these on our last day in Oakland while shopping with my new-found-Oakland-girlfriends. They were from a shop called "Diva's Beauty Supply".

These wig-headed beauties were from the same beauty supply shop. I scored big at this store & at 2 neighboring stores called "Angel's" & "Rainbow". I got some big earrings which most of the girls there wear. It's what I call my 'Oakland makeover'. I'll have to take a pic soon & post it one day. My husband has not commented on them yet. I have about 4 pair, so he'll have plenty to comment on.

This is my favorite one! I spotted her one night while our group had a free night in San Francisco goofing around Pier 39. She lives in a shop called 'Krazy Kaps'.

And, just a side note: I'm taking the wee-est one (Pazely/3) into the hospital tomorrow for surgery. She's getting her 2 front teeth removed. She & her sister had a bad head-bonking accident a couple months ago. I took a final "BEFORE" shot tonight of her mouth. She's gonna be the cutest toothless girl EVERS!


  1. Oh Pazley lots of love to you sweetie, don't worry my little brother had no front teeth till he was 7 and he always looked so adorable. good luck.
    LOving the heads, the last one looks almost real, i love the hats on the middle piccy what a great way to show them off, liking the sound of the earrings don't forget to show a piccy.

  2. Oh, wow, that last head reminds me of The Joker - she's almost creepy! But I guess not as creepy as that one sitting in the old tub. How weird is that?

    Hope the surgery goes well and she doesn't miss her teeth too much!

  3. Olivia sends Pazley all her love & best wishes.

  4. I love the bathtub lady.
    Lean had to go into the hospital when she was almost two to have a tooth out. It is just now ( she's almost 6) growing in. I saved the tooth and we did the whole tooth fairy thing when it began to grow in.
    It's scary having them go through it but she was fine

  5. aww, Pazley! lot's of love little one!! growin' pains aren't fun...(keep us posted mom)
    cool heads! laughing hat lady 'fer sure'
    Talk about ...'Talking Heads' the expressions are happy happy happy! I love it!

  6. Sounds like you had a great time. I live so close to Oakland, but rarely venture over there. (Actually, I'll be scouting the Farmer's Market there tomorrow). Good luck witht he wee one.

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  8. Oops, I deleted my post!!

    Anyway, what I said was, lots of gentle hugs for Pazely!

    Also, the head with the mouth open sort of scares me!!!

  9. Thanks everyone for your well-wishes to my wee Pazely!! Your comments were very thoughtful! She came through just fine & is cuter than ever!!


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