Sunday, August 19, 2007

This & That & Stuff & Things

This might be a longer post with a lot of items that don't relate at all. But, I've so much to talk about! First of all, my body is so sore. This weekend the fam got together for some picnic time & boating. My bro got a new knee-board for his b-day & I thought I'd give it a go. I have never been so frustrated in my life. I really wanted to conquer that thing. It brought back all my past feelings of extreme competitiveness in one huge surge. I actually got up on the board 2 times, but my knees were not all the way in position & the board just started going all loopy & wobbly & I couldn't hold on. I tried so hard to pull myself up MANY times after that, but eventually my arms just gave out. I got a picture of my brother on the board. Just pretend it's me on there, only I lasted about 4.2 seconds. Poo. And Grrrrr.

I stumbled upon a copy of our local arts & entertainment magazine called 'The Reactor', & found my little 'WhiMSy love' highlight inside! It was quite cool to see. And, it was really fun to see other Etsy artists that are very near to me! I might have to send some a message with a quick "Howdy neighbor!" attached. Check out the little highlight by clicking HERE. It's on page 32.

I am LOVING all the fabulous biz cards you all are sending me back! I can't wait to take pics & show them off!! Check the list below to make sure I have received your biz cards. Remember, the deadline is September 1st!! Judging will begin on September 2nd!!

1. JoAnne @ Reindeer Girl Designs
2. Beck @ Daisy Chains (Received!! YAY!)
3. Claire @ Absolutely Small (Received!! YAY!)
4. Christine @ Bella Colle (Received!! YAY!)
5. Jen @ Jen Bowles Design (Received!! YAY!)
6. Kara @ Innocent Charms (is working on it...)
7. Jeanetta @ Splendid Designs
8. Ginny @ (is working on it...)
9. Jennifer @ Crimson Cat
10. Melisa @ Melissa P. (is working on it...)
11. Meredeth @ Notuboc (Received!! YAY!)
12. Jennifer R. @ Nellableu (is working on it...)
13. Geri @ Altered Crow (Received!! YAY!)
14. Carrie P. (Received!! YAY!)
I really wanted to add a lot more, but my computer is spazzing out & freezing up. So, you'll have to wait until tomorrow. I have a new cupcake apron to list tomorrow, & I'm finishing up my first ever WhiMSy love custom order--a mini tag banner for CANDIES, & I got these cool little thingie mabobbers at a local antique store yesterday & I'll show you a neato way I'm transforming them.

So, I'll see you tomorrow!


  1. oh Nikki you are so brave there is no way I would have even attempted that bored, your bro looks cool though.
    Love the little add in the mag, how cool you are famous.
    can't wait to see the apron, will click on later today.

  2. Wish I could see a picture of that!! Nikki on a knee board like that... Glad it's only sore muscles...LOL! How fab to be featured! Good goin' girly..
    Hope your computer gets rid of it's bug... love hearing about all your up too! :)


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