Friday, August 24, 2007


Oh. My. Gosh. How long has this feature been on here? You mean, not only can I go crazy with pictures, but now I can go insane with this video thingie? Oh peoples, you are gonna see a different side of Nikki now! I'm so excited! OK, for my very first video it's Zoey at the last day of swim class a week ago. You are about to be bored for the next 22 seconds, like when your friend flips through a giant family photo album with you & you yawn with excitement. Humor me & we'll call this a test run, to see if it works & all. (But look at the boy behind her trying to "hurry" her up the ladder. He's so eager to jump off the board too, that you even see his little legs scurrying to the end of the plank waiting for her to swim out of the way so he can jump. What a punk! (just kidding!...kinda) Just know that 2 weeks earlier--in the shallow end--she was running out of the pool, scared of the water, with her swim instructor chasing after her!

Think of the possibilities! I could do crafty tutorials!! What about a "how-to" on making poisonous apple-acorn-berry stew? Silly dance videos? This is gonna be fun!

And I was tagged by Christine @ Bella Colle AND by Kara @ Innocent Charms. I'm great at being tagged, but not so great at being the taggER. It usually falls dead when it gets to me. Sorry, but it's true. I'll still play! (And please still love me after you see my list.) OK, I have to name 6 WEIRD THINGS ABOUT MYSELF...

1. I am fascinated by mannequin heads & I think they are very cool.

2. I once pretended to be Cinderella & called my daughter (Zoey) on the telephone to encourage her to pee-pee on the potty when she was being toilet trained.
3. When I was younger I remember trying to scare myself. I'd look in the mirror & try to make a scary enough face that it would frighten even me. It never worked.

4. When I was younger, I thought it would be fun to be an actress in the movies, just so I could kiss boys.

5. When I get someone calling me & it's a "wrong number", I pretend to be the person they were calling for & see how long I can get them to play along!

6. I can't roll my tongue. Or wiggle my ears. Or make armpit farts.

More posts to come later today!!


  1. Hey girl. I just figured out YouTube. We are practically tech geeks. (Well, maybe not the tech part! LOL)

  2. Cinderella? cool... hey, what ever it takes?! LOL!

  3. woohoo big up Nikki for doing tagged, I can't roll my tongue either, I can so imagine you doing the other things. LOL.
    How cute is the video, I couldn't swim till i was 13 and do you know whats funnier my mum swam in the olympics. lol


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