Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Waaah! No Pics.

Hi there! I am really bummed because I can't get my pics to upload onto my computer. I mean, pictures on a blog are like the frosting & sprinkles on a cupcake. I'm trying to fix the problem, but mostly I'm just pretending like I know what I am doing. (It's really, REALLY frustrating as I cannot list any fabulous items in the shop.)

I haven't been able to list my cutest cupcake apron EVERS! It's my first full apron with a tie around the waist & neck. It's blue & white checked & one lovely cupcake has been applied right across the front chest piece (or whatever that part of an apron is called)! The cupcake has been done in mostly blues-y turquoise with accents of pink mini rick-rack & a dark pink button on top. All vintage embellishments. And a sweet double ruffle of some sort of gauzy trim has been added to the top & 6 pockets across the midsection. It's a really sweet & girly apron!

I also went to my monthly scrap booking last night (even though I don't scrapbook). I worked on a secret project for a swap that I'm doing with Beck from Little Daisy Chains. I cannot reveal yet. But, it was supremely cold in that building tonight. One of my friends, Kelly, left early because it was too cold. I stood firm through the chill & pushed on in the midst of freeze. The AC was locked up & no one had a key. But, I did get a robe from the costume/prop closet. (Thanks Heather!!) If only they would've had slippers. Seriously, I was sniffling by the end, my toes were icicles, & I think I was starting to experience hypothermia related symptoms.

I also finished my custom mini tag banner for CANDIES. She's going to photograph it when she receives it & use that picture as her Etsy shop banner too, with a little mention of where the item came from in her shop announcement. Cool beans, huh?

Ok, I cannot continue anymore. I hate not having pictures. It's all just dry cake.


  1. Hi Nikki - oh know i want pretty pictures, especially of the apron.
    Hope you get sorted soon.

  2. Hi Nikki! I'm back! Boy, did I have a lot of your posts to catch-up on! Love the cupcake party post. Too cute. I'll email you soon. Missed ya!

  3. Oh no! We NEED pictures of your fabulous items!

    I hope you get it working...

  4. hmmm dry cake? nooo! Nikki's yeeees! can't wait to see lovelies, I know you'll work it out!


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