Monday, September 17, 2007

Bizzy 'Whimsy love' Bee...

Holy Moly! What a busy girl I've been! It's a good thing though 'cause it means business is picking up! But, I'm not so organized I'm realizing. I have a large dry eraseboard being delivered tomorrow. If I can resist doodling cupcakes & playing hangman by myself then I think it'll work. I'm serious people, I've gotta get it together here! I don't know how to fill orders & also make time to create/take photos/list items/etc. The hubby has been helping with my orders---even making fork easels with me. That is so weird, & yet cool at the same time.

I'm also creating "book art" for exclusively through March. They've asked for my bio & a pic to put on their website. It's so hard to write a short bio about me. "She's a mom! She's a goofball! She likes to make stuff! The end!" And do I send a serious pic or a silly pic? I don't know...

This past weekend my oldest turned 5. She had a Disney Princess Party. And, though I couldn't get the real princesses here upon her request, I think she still had a good time. I suprised her a few hours before her party with the most beautiful princess dress & shoes! She felt so glamorous & pretty & princess-y! I did my usual sidewalk-chalk-birthday-grafitti that has become a tradition for the girls' birthdays. I didn't do one handmade thing for her party & I felt so bad about that! (Another reason I need to get more organized!) I did a fun game for the adults though. I hid a "poisonous apple" (think "Snow White") somewhere in the room & whoever found it won a 10 dollar gift certificate to Starbucks. My brother found it. He hates coffee.
This is Zoey with one of her birthday gifts. She wants to be in a band now. Rock on!

Oh, I guess I did make one thing, which has become a regular birthday party thing: I made sugar cookies. They were cut out in the shape of hearts. (Princess themed cookie cutters are hard to find a few hours before your Princess Themed Party is due to begin!) And, after I had them frosted, sprinkled, & set out to dry, I came into the kitchen to find that an evil little cookie ogre had their way with the cookies. (Pazely did it. HAHA!)

This past weekend I also volunteered at a local Harvest Party for the city, painting faces. My own kids really got into the whole thing. By the end of the day Pazely was covered in snakes, flowers, ladybugs, bumblebees, puppies, balloons, stars, & my favorite--a cupcake on her tummy! (Man, that girl needs a haircut!)
Zoey got a cupcake too!

I just found out that Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus is coming to town! The girls & I got free tickets to go, so I can't wait! We go in 10 days! Maybe I'll craft some circus awesomeness in honor of our upcoming adventure!


  1.'s great isn't it?!!! Yes... here's wishin' fair princess Zoey a belated 'Happy Birthday'...oh those forks look great!

  2. Happy Birthday to Zoey! We went to Ringling Bros this summer-it's a blast. Congrats on being so busy! I'm so proud of you, but have to admit, I'm missing you!

  3. I miss everyone too!!! I hope you realize that! I need to just set aside some Nikki time for my blog buddies!! For reals.

  4. oh what a fan daby dozy post, look at the gorgeous princess zory, happy birthday sweetie.
    Oh how fab to be so busy great news nikki and with all your crations I can't say I am surprised. Love the book art and way to go girl.
    And big well done to hubby for fab forks

  5. They had book sculptures in the latest issue of ME Home. Did you see them?


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