Saturday, September 29, 2007

Circus FUN!!!

Wow! I got to go to the circus on Thursday & it was THE BEST!! The girls & I went with some other family. I'm still not used to my camera, so the photos aren't the clearest. I still think they're pretty cool though. I went to the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus 25 years ago- when I was 7! I still have the souvenir program my parents bought for $2.50. I HAD to buy my girls one too. It cost me 12 BUCKS!! WHAT?????? Insane. Oh, but it came with a blinking clown nose. That was worth it I guess.

My grandmother has never been to a real circus, so it was a real treat to have her there! She was mesmerized, along with the kids.....& me! Pazely had to go to the bathroom in the middle of it all, & I WISH I had my camera in the ladies room! ALL the stalls were pink! It was quite cool. HAHA!

There was a "pre-show" where the kids could all gather below around the circus ring & watch some of the performers up-close & interact with them. This guy, Jon Weiss, was in the circus when I first went at the age of 7! He was a clown, a human cannon-ball & now a circus host. He's been with the circus 27 years. He's my new idol.

My favorite part of the circus was this one clown--Tom Dougherty. I usually thinks clowns are annoying, but he was HILARIOUS & I laughed so loud & hard! The whole night was just a great end to a week without Scott & the girls & I needed to get out & laugh & be silly!

I've got a fun craft I'm working on for our circus memorabilia & hoping to actually SHOW you how to make it in a video tutorial!!! Stay tuned...

I will also post later about my new "Weight Loss Wednesday" thingie I'm doing over at Laura's blog, katydiddys. I'm really excited about it & I think it's such a great thing she's doing for those of us that want that want to lose some poundage---in a creative & encouraging way.

No, "YOWZA!" segment tomorrow--I'm off to hang out with the hubby.


  1. wow those pictures are excellent, how cool to see preformers you had seen as a kid.
    I haven't been to a circus in years as they are so exspensive here now, we don't have any english ones we wait for the chinese and japenese circus's. I think I may go next year

  2. I loved going to the circus this year too! I can't believe the prices either, but you can't put a price on childhood memories, right?


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