Thursday, September 20, 2007

I'd Like You to Meet John...

Ok, I have random stuff. But, that's fun isn't it?

The first thing I wanted to share is something that I have been DYING to show you!!!! I received a package a couple weeks ago from Jeanetta at splendid designs. It was her contribution of Ugly Biz Cards for the contest. AND, she sent me a present! When I peeked inside I gasped & oohed & aahed & couldn't believe it---Jeanetta had crocheted me a super duper cupcake!!!!!! Oh, it is the most special thing evers! And my favorite part of it is the little fabric tag she made that is attached to the cupcake with "WhiMSy love" printed right on it! (And she even got the big "M" & the big "S" totally perfect!!) It's a WhiMSy love cupcake!!! I love it Jeanetta! Thank you SOOO much! She sells 'em in her shop, so if you're jealous--don't be. Just go buy one! They're only 11 bucks people! Isn't that awesome??? Oh, it truly is sweet. My girls love it too!

And, for my next REALLY random thought. I have always thought I was 5' 7". Well, yesterday I had a physical & I measured up at 5' 9"!!!! WHAT? The nurse wrote down 5' 8" since I shared with her my amazement at the results. I guess she is figuring 5' 8" is a good medium. I'm totally pulling out the tape measure tonight.

Down at my family's auto mechanic shop, Leo's Line-Up & Complete Auto Repair, a praying mantis has been living in a flower box right outside the front window of the building. I saw him today & decided to have a spontaneous bug photo shoot. We named him John-the-Baptist-The- Praying-Mantis (all one word). But, I kinda think he should be called GreaseMonkey. Anyway, I got some pics & it was so weird because he was looking right at me & I snapped a photo. Then, Pazely said something to John-the-Baptist-The-Praying-Mantis, & he TOTALLY turned his head & looked at her. Who knew they could turn their heads?? I didn't. I thought they were all, like, stiff & straight & jointless up there.My dad held "John" (for short) in his greasy mechanic-like hands.

And, it's party central here in my household! Not really. I'm just saying that & teasing because the girls & I took Scott to the airport today. He's off to the Philippines for 8 days. He's been planning this mission trip for a while. I've been talking to him on & off today as he has SO many layovers before he actually arrives to his destination of Devao. He hates flying & freaks BAD. We'll miss him. But honestly, this is our chance to get our girly-groove on! What crazy antics will we think up?????
A gentleman named Benji,who lives in the Philippines, has been helping Scott organize & set up this trip for a few months now. So, I sent some WhiMSy love gifts along with Scott to give to Benji's wife. She gets a fork easel, lavender sachets, a couple handmade cards, a cupcake gift tag, a vintage button magnet, a set of cupcake pinwheel picks & her very own vintage button ring. The reason I said all this is to say that, as I was making a ring for her last night, I was so inspired to create some more for the shop. Here is a sneak preview of the rings in the making. I honestly must say that I was discouraged about making them for a while because I gave some away to aunts, cousins, my grandmther, sister, & mom-- & most of their rings came apart! I don't know if it was the batch of epoxy I mixed or what. I have decided to use E6000 instead of the 2-part epoxy I WAS using & it seems to be working wonderfully!! (My BFF Beck at Little Daisy Chains uses this adhesive on her bobbies & she hasn't ever had a problem!) I haven't heard about any of the other rings I've sold (using the epoxy) coming apart & I hope that never happens. I would truly feel awful, even though it'd be an easy fix.And this little handmade box is an example of how the rings are packaged.
So, this may be the beginning of 8 days of blabbing. You know how lonely crafty girls can get. And, I figure while the hubby is away I'll also be getting a little wicked crafty!
Rock on with yer crafty self!
Love & Cupcakes,


  1. I hope your hubby has a safe trip! Very thoughtful of you to send presants!!
    Oh, check out my store! :)

  2. thanks so much for the cupcake love and shout out. i hope to have a couple of spooky ones up for halloween soon too.

  3. hey girl, what an amazing Nikki post fab to have you back, wow I have never seen one of those creatures before how alert and pretty very cool how he possed for his picture.
    Why is hubby going to philapenes (can't spell) for work ?
    love the rings, same thing happened to me 2 part epoxy has fallen apart everywhere luckily I only gave them to family but I was still embarresed, i am using E6000 but not sure if I am doing right but they are holding even my 5 year old cousin hasn't broken her's so fingers crossed.
    wow what a lucky lady to receive all that whimsy love I am so totally jealous.
    oh and lastly don't you love jeanetta's cupcakes I am thinking of buying one for my baby when it eventually decided to form in my belly.
    sorry for long comment but fab post

  4. Love the cupcake. The praying mantis made me remember a story from when I was young. My mom heard me & my best friend screaming out in the yard. We were cornered in the backyard crying that an alien was there. It turned out to be a praying mantis.

  5. Oh my gosh! Laura, that alien story is the funniest thing EVERS! That gave me a HUGE chuckle!


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