Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Kneeboard Champ!

I DID IT! I DID IT!! I DID IT!!!!!!! I actually got up on the kneeboard! I was sooooo stoked! I screamed & whooped & hollered & all my family & friends on shore were whooping & laughing too, because I just kept hollerin' & whoopin' & screamin'! It totally made my day! And I am sure everyone was sick of hearing me refer to myself as "the kneeboard champ"! I biffed really hard on my last run though. I was riding for, like, EVERS! And then I hit a wave & flew off the board & it felt like I bent in half backwards. My back totally tweaked & I dove face-first into the water, got a nice helping of it up my nose & in my mouth. And then the board flew over the water right into the back of my head & knocked me pretty hard. I got beat up! But man, was it ever awesome (& scary) at the same time!
The picture sucks because when Scott took it, he didn't zoom in, so I zoomed in with the photo editing & it's fuzzy & you can't tell it's me. It's me though!! I promise!!

Just thought I'd share 'cause I knew you were wondering & all........Weren't you?

Hope you are having a great weekend. (No YOWZA! today. I'm too busy!! Also: Don't know if I'll get the "Ugly Biz Cards" for the contest uploaded onto the computer today. Keep watch in the next few days!! Sorry! They are awesome though, can't wait for you to see! And thanks!!)

Rock on with your crafty self.

The kneeboard champ has spoken.


  1. YAY NIKKI!!!!!
    2007 Kneeboard Champ!!!!


    You are just so damn cute!!! :)

  2. WOOHOO for the knee board champ, you look wicked congrats you are so brave.
    wow sounds sore though.

  3. You go girl!! Awesome! looks like you were having a ball!!

  4. it's awesome. we should talk sometime. this is my email..

    where are you from??


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