Saturday, September 8, 2007

Super FUN Day!!

My mom & I went to the auction today! Oh. My. Gosh. Talk about super fun!!!! I am addicted. It was crazy because we got to the auction & I was hoping to find forks for my fork easels--we sat down & 2 minutes later a lot came up for some forks & other funky stuff. They started out at $25. Poopy. No one bid. Yay. So then some lady bid $10. I bid $15, & that was it. I won!!! It was the coolest & most fun feeling evers! My mom & I hung out there for a bit & then she went home & did some bidding online.

THEN, I went roller-skating!!! I haven't been skating in forever. It's been probably at least 15 years (or more?) since I've skated. I am SO going to make it a frequent thing now. It was so fun! I was scared at first, but then I got my skating groove on. The colorful swirling lights created really cool effects in the pictures. My mom was laughing at me because I'm out skating snapping so many pictures of myself! Doesn't everybody do that??? So, here's some pics from my "Rollarena Adventures"...

P.S. I'm super busy working on custom orders, so no YOWZA! feature tomorrow! Also, vote for you favorite biz card in the "Ugly Biz Card" Contest. A random #'d comment will be chosen for a prize when the contest ends! Click HERE to vote!


  1. Okay... RollerSkating was mine and my hubby's best date ever!! first one to be percise!!! you are tooo cute!! So glad you had such fun!

  2. You are just so darn cute! You inspire me to live life with gusto. Thanks Minxy.

  3. I soooooo love roller skating, I have my own skates as well, but not cool retro ones like that.
    We have a skate park 5 min from where I liver but haven't been in ages, oh auctions are way too much fun, last time I ended up buying stuff that I hadn't even looked at - oops.
    Glad you have a load of orders.


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