Wednesday, September 5, 2007


FINALLY, huh? Ok, I've numbered each picture & put the artist's name & a brief description alongside the number. There are TEN entries. Please, vote for your favorite biz cards by leaving a comment. Vote once. Anonymous votes will not be counted. The final day for voting will be Thursday September 13th. I'm also pulling a random #'d comment from the mix & that person will win a prize too!! (I think I got everyone, but I'd feel really bad if I missed someone--as in: if your cards got mixed up in my whirlwind of craftiness. Let me know if I did!) If you have any questions about the cards, ask in the "comments" section as well. Everyone & anyone can vote! Tell your friends to vote! Your grandma! Your dog!! Thanks everyone, they look great! And I'm one lucky gal who has been rained upon from biz card heaven!!!!

#1. Geri @ Altered Crow used a variation of splattered paint & colorful strips or squares of painted cardstock. The card designs also all include a hearted bling-bling!

#2. Melisa @ Melissap's Shop designed cards with a grommet in each corner, blue silky ribbon adorning the front, a viney-floral stamp & coordinating decorative paper adhered to the reverse. An "aged" look has also been given with distressing ink/paint.

#3. Jennifer R. @ Nellableu. OK, Jennifer almost didn't send these in because she misread the directions & created art on the backside only. I insisted she send them in! It's a great idea too. Not only do customers get my info on the front, but they can then frame their card for a sweet piece of mini-art. I'm so keeping the milkshake one.

#4. Carrie created these cards with splatters of paint, square picture cut-outs & recycled words from mags! Pretty crafty!! The back is also spattered with colorful paint.

#5. Meredith @ Notuboc used colored pencils, markers, embossing to create unique designs 3-D style.

#6. Jeanetta @ Splendid Designs used works she has created & then ran the cards through her printer!

#7. Jen @ Jen Bowles Design used sweet colors & simple shapes to create lovely designs bordering the top edge of each card.

#8. Christine @ Bella Colle used stamps & colored pencils to decorate the cards.

#9. Claire @ Absolutely Small used markers to freehand flowing creations on each card.

#10. Beck @ Little Daisy Chains went a-stampin' with green & pink ink to create cards that'll get ya in the WhiMSy love party mood!
P.S. Go vote now! I will also put a link in each blog entry from tomorrow until the final voting day so more people will have a chance to see it & vote!! Thanks again my little biz card artist friends--& thanks to those who vote! I'll be contacting those who volunteered to donate prizes to get that squared away too! THANKYA!


  1. I vote for Jeanetta of Splendid Designs

  2. I love #7 Jen @ Jen Bowles Design. They're well balanced, colorful, and whimsical. I'd use them myself, if my name were WhiMSy love. The others are all really great too, but these especially called to me.

  3. Oops, forgot to login! #2. Because, well... it's me!

  4. #2)
    I don't know why I'm voting. She's quitting work here. Is she making business cards for a living now?

  5. Yeah... I gotta vote for #7... those are way cool!

  6. Oh, so hard to choose! I love the simplicity of #7, but I think I'm going to have to go with #6... Those instantly jumped out at me.

  7. I'm diggin' #7, all the way.

  8. # 7 for sure!!!!! Love 'em tons ;O)

  9. oh Nikki this is hard, looks like you have loads of fab cards to use now.
    I am stuck between 2/7/8/10 but I think I will go with christine 8 as I think they signify whiMSy love well.

  10. #6 please. Hey, I think you can post polls in your blog now-maybe you can do that for this & then we could easily see who the winner is. Just me being bossy! LOL!

  11. I vote for #8! They are gorgeous and a great symbol for Whimsy Love!

  12. Ohhhh, this is hard-- I love #s 6 and 8 (Splendid and BellaColle)... do I only get 1?? :)

  13. Ohhhh, this is hard-- I love #s 6 and 8 (Splendid and BellaColle)... do I only get 1?? :)

  14. Yes my sweet reindeer, only 1--you nut!

  15. ok, they are all wonderful!! I would like to vote for everybody but since you made the rules...I'll obey this time!
    One thing I have learned since I started on etsy is that you have to believe in your art or noone else here is my, me, me #3 - the one that didn't follow the rules but is trying to with voting!


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