Friday, September 21, 2007

A Weighty Cause.

Hi blog friends!! Hey, I just visited my friend Laura's blog & she has a fun thingie she's doing. I have been in a weight-loss kinda mood---& in fact, I have lost 6 pounds! But, I'd like to lose (a lot) more. If you are wanting to shed some pounds, Laura has a fun idea. Visit her blog, by clicking HERE & participate in her 6 week support group. You set your own weight goal, you'll be partnered with someone, & you can encourage each other in whatever creative ways you come up with!

She's calling it "Weight Loss Wednesday" & so every Wednesday, she'll post a topic in her blog related to "diet/health/fitness/losing poundage" as a call for artwork: use the theme in your journal, create a collage, a painting, whatever. We'll post links to our creations & share & encourage each other in her Wednesday blog posts.

And the best part???? Whenever someone reaches their goal, everyone celebrates & sends congratulatory crafty goodness! Laura needs at least 10 people for this to work. Go join! Lose weight! Get crafty goodness!
And I do realize that picture of the ice cream is very contradictory to this cause. But, I had to lure you in somehow!!!


  1. This is a really cool idea. I'm definitely going to check it out. And you totally reeled me in with the ice cream.
    How sad is that ; )

  2. Minx-

    Thanks for the ad! You are the best. We are going to be the best looking chicks at all the holiday parties this year!

  3. Doll-

    You are welcome. We are gonna look SO HOT.

  4. hmmm... i think i want the ice cream more... lol


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