Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Word Up.

Ok, I'm feeling goofy. And I've got a bunch of non-related stuff to share....

First of all, today was the first day of preschool, & my Mommy Preschool Party is being postponed until this Thursday. My friend Tia (whose son is in Zoey's class) asked me to go for a walk by the river & I couldn't pass it up. I'm on a new health kick & PLUS, I love the river, so it was a no brainer. Oh, & I'm actually losing weight! YAY! Pretty soon, I'm gonna be so hot!! HAHA! Oh, & that picture up top is a really happy picture. Why so happy? Not tellin'. Well, one reason is 'cause that was the same day I got up on the kneeboard. I've been kissed by the sun, can you tell?

I WILL tell you a really cool cupcake story though....Once upon a time there were some cupcake cards made by that really cool chik from WhiMSy love. You know the one. She rocks it with her crafty self? Yeah, her. Well, she sold all 6 of her unique cupcake cards, made from a vintage early reader book, to a customer from America, who lives in Germany & now those cards are hanging in the customer's cupcake shop in Berlin!!!! I know, I know. That's basically like entering the cupcake hall of fame. Right?

And TOMORROW, I promise, promise, promise that the Ugly Biz Cards will be up for show & tell. I'll try to make it as official as I can get. The voting will start tomorrow. You'll just pick your favorite biz card & vote in the comments. I'll figure out when voting ends by tomorrow. There will be 3 winners at least. (& yes, you can vote for yourself. I would...)


  1. Sun-kissed is right! You look *radiant*, daaaah-ling.

  2. wow wee what a fab day for Nikki, loosing weight you are already a hot mama. wow how amazing about the cupcake cards, you are a true artist when you work is featured on a wall in europe.
    well done

  3. Super cool about the shop in Germany! You rock Minx!

  4. Go on wit'cha bad self, hottie crafty girl!!! ;)

    WORD, indeed!


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