Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Apple Crisp-a-licious

Well, the apple crisp went over OK at my mommy's group this morning. There wasn't a whole lot of time to do it, so the rush just kinda ruined the fun of it. But, here's my yummy apple crisp anyway! Between my cinnamon rolls baking this morning & the apple crisp in the oven this afternoon, my house smelled WONDERFUL!!!!

And, here's the recipe--as I did get a request from a certain British blog buddy. (**waves to Kara!**) I didn't have orange juice to add to the apples, so I added about 1/4 CUP of apple juice instead. BUT, when it was all baked up, the apple crisp was FULL of juicy liquids on the bottom. Too much, in my opinion. So, next time I wouldn't even add any juice.
I did a LOT of math when gathering all the ingredients. The bulk bin at the grocery store made for tremendous savings!!
At the meeting I had all the ingredients separated into different boxes for each table, including: cutting boards, knives & measuring cups/spoons. Once cut up, the apples were placed in a large freezer-type bag & the yummy crumbly topping was kept in a small ziploc bag. The moms each went home with their 2 baggies PLUS the recipe card. They could choose to toss it in a pan & bake it when they got home, or store it in the freezer for future baking.

Tonight the hubby & I are going to hang my new large dry-erase board. It's taken me so long to put the dang thing up because I wanted to paint it. And guess what color it is? PINK! 'Fairytale Pink' to be exact. I love spray paint. And like I've said in a previous post, I'm hoping this is just the beginning to my organization hassles. It is important to me to make even the mundane things in my art studio (file cabinet/bulletin board/dry erase board/shelving/etc) be exciting & interesting & artsy as well. I'll have to take pics of some of those "mundane" things for you in a later post.

And this is weird, but I'm gonna google around to find some cool colored dry-erase/white board markers. Do you think they make 'em in colors other than drab red/green/blue & black? I sure hope so. I'll let you know what I find.


  1. As a self-proclaimed Sharpie addict, who has to have them in *every* color possible, I totally don't think you are strange for seeking out less boring dry erase markers. I hope you find them!

    Apple crisp. Yum. I just bought some honeycrisp apples yesterday - maybe I'll cut them up and make a crisp! I also have my eye on a pumpkin biscotti recipe that looks great...

  2. you are an angel, wow I really want to make that especially for my family, they love wintery deserts and we have severe fog, cold and rain so its really wintery here, i love the pink frame around the board my fave shade.


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