Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Exercise? What's That?

I know what exercise is, but, you see, I just don't like it much. This pic is of me last night after taking a walk with my mom & oldest daughter. My mom is so funny. She is so used to me snapping pics at any time, any place. I mean, my camera is practically an extended limb of sorts. I pulled out my camera & said, "Oh, I forgot! I wanted to take a picture for..." And then she finished my sentence: "...your blog?" haha! It was cold last night on our walk, hence the stylish sweatshirt cinched ever-so-tightly around my face. But, it's gonna be a part of my new lifestyle---the walking, not the fashionable sweatshirt trick.

I'm also fulfilling a part of my "Weight Loss Wednesday" exercise by photographing a pic of one of my meals this week. This is what I ate for lunch today. I know, it's not much. It's just been one of those days where I haven't had time to eat. I'm eating out tonight at a Philippine restaurant with the hubby, so there is still plenty of time to pack the food in.

Every fall & winter my biggest downfall is the pumpkin flavored coffee drinks at the coffee shops that are on every corner of almost every block around here. I ordered a "short" pumpkin spice latte at Starbuck's this morning. I'm no coffee snob, so I didn't know there was such a thing as this adorable "short" cup of coffee goodness. I always go for the "big daddy" size. This cup looks kiddie-sized, but it was a perfect tiny tasty treat!

Oh, & I LOVE my Weight Loss Wednesday partner Lia!!! She is ART junk GIRL & I've had a blast opening up about my weaknesses & downfalls & I'm very excited to be an encouragment to her in these 6 weeks. I'm also gearing up for something creative to send her way to show my support in our shared journey.

Crafty stuff tomorrow, k?

Love & cupcakes,



  1. AGGGHHHH!!! I love the pic! good luck with you goal. =)

  2. you totally crack me up....I can't keep up with you..you are always going 100 miles per hour, lol. LOVE the cupcake journal! you are such an inspiration. I'm going to start a WL journal today...and about your bathing suit pic suggestion..hmmmm...I think that would be illegal in my state....:) later....Lia

  3. only you could make that food look yummy, my piccy's are boring bowls of ceral (always my diet food) wow how yummy does the sb look.
    Love the walking piccy, I haven't made one 30 min walk yet.
    you keep going girl

  4. I had my first pumpkin spice latte last week, and I'm seriously considering another cup this morning. I'm starving and am getting ready to drop off the little one at preschool. What's another few minutes out to cure that craving, eh? I bet it would be heavenly with a Dunkin' Donuts maple donut... This may end up being Weight Gain Wednesday, if I'm not careful...;-)

    WTG on the exercise! I've walked once. In a week.

  5. You are on a roll girl! You are going to be the first one to meet your goal!

  6. BOO! You look glam, girlfriend! :D

  7. Nikki, love that photo of you and your writing style! I wish I had a exercise partner too, I'm thinking about it every day and never get it done! Good luck!


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