Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

I do realize that Halloween is just about over. I've had trouble with the ole computer today, so I figured better late than never. Ya know?

Earlier tonight I was getting ready to dress my girls in their evening attire. One finally decided to be a princess & the other a puppy. Scott & I took them to a Harvest Party they were invited to at their preschool. I predicted massive candy & chaos. I was right. We hit the event towards the end of the evening & so the volunteers at the game stations were heaving large handfuls of candy into the kids' sacks just to get rid of it.

I remember every Halloween after trick-or-treating, my mom would put my brother, sister & my plastic pumpkins on top of the fridge & give us a couple pieces of candy throughout the day until eventually, after weeks of picking at the goodies inside, the pumpkin full of stale candy was forgotten about. I now put my kids candy filled vessels on top of the fridge. But I do something else with their hoards of chocolate & sweets. I sneak some for myself. And I just recently found out that my mom did the SAME THING with my candy stash as a kid. (How COULD she???) I'm all about traditions & so I guess I carry on the legacy of the candy snatcher.

I thought I'd post a picture from a past Halloween "back in the day" when I lived in Luling, Louisiana. HAHA! Can you say TOTALLY 80's??? I love it! My older sister helped me get all punked out. I'm striking a pose with a neighbor boy, Gerald Rome, who is also rockin' it. I was about 10 or 11, so the year was about 1985 or 1986. Don't you love the teased out hair, the fish net fingerless gloves, the fluorescent colors, the handkerchiefs tied around my ankles, & the springy slinky-like bracelets?

Ok, that's all for now. I'm about to go on a super secret mission for a Kit-Kat bar.

**And a quick P.S.! My Christmas Cupcake Notecard Sets are for sale in the shop now!


  1. oh how cute do you look, its funny outfits like that are just back in fashion for teenagers in the UK, so they would think you look cool, I loved the 80's.
    Sounds like a fun evening and great to see you keeping up traditions. LOL.
    kara aka duchess

  2. You rock!! hmmm that makes me 5 years older...
    Glad your Halloween was safe! Albeit candy landen!!LOl!

  3. Great! I think I actually owned that sweatshirt & WORE it! Not on Halloween either.

  4. I LOVED that sweatshirt! I wore it ALL the time!
    And if I had it now....I'd STILL wear it! HAHA!


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