Friday, October 12, 2007

HOLY Shrinky-dink!

Look what I made yesterday!! The girls & I had some spare minutes in our day & I thought we could have a bit-o shrinky dink fun!!
Zoey made an adorable ice cream cone & a butterfly. I punched holes in them because she wants to make them into earrings for her aunt for Christmas. I know they're mismatched, but she doesn't care. And I'm cool with that. Pazely just scribbled & I shrunk it up for some sort of coolness of a project later on. I couldn't find it though when my shrinky dink photo shoot came around. I made a cupcake & punched a hole for something....a pendant maybe? But THEN, I had an idea to make this ring!! The only thing I don't like so much is that you can see a bit of the ring/glue combo through the cupcake..

Once the ring is on it doesn't show so much. I love it though!! Shrinky-dink rings & accessories coming soon to "WhiMSy love"!! Oh, & don't you love the manicure given to me by my 5 year old?


  1. Those are awesome! I LOVE shrinky dinks. Actually, I didn't know they were still around.
    K :)

  2. they both look maaaarvo-lous, daaahling! the ring and the mani.

  3. oh gorgeous Nikki, your girlz are so creative, little confused though what is shrinky dink ?


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