Thursday, October 4, 2007

Making Stuff is Fun.

Oops! I promised crafty stuff yesterday! Ok, so here it is....
I made some notecard sets for my friend Christine's new website boutique, Bella Colle, & I decided to create some notecards for WhiMSy love as well. I got this MOST adorable paper about a month ago & I am a sucker for sweet papers, among many other things. I thought it'd be fun to celebrate my lovely Fall by making some cute Autumn cards. They're not done yet, I'm planning on adding a couple more embellishments.

I'm also working on designing some recipe cards for the shop--a great partner to my fork easels!! I think the recipe cards would look great decorated with my "sweet tooth" colored pencil drawings of desserts. I need to sketch some more sweetness though. I'll let you peek when I'm done, k?

I recently sent a bio & picture to because they requested it AND they sell my fork easels & currently sell--exclusively through March--my book art. Well, writing a bio was quite a torture of a project. I don't know why it was so difficult. The results ended up being very different than I expected, but I was very pleased. It's not up on their website yet, but I'll leave a link when it is.

Blah, blah, blah....What else can I talk about? OH! I know! Cupcake stuff. That's always an excellent choice of topic, isn't it? I received a magazine in the mail yesterday from my grandma Jean. It was a "Taste of Home" magazine & it had cupcakes all over it! Wasn't that sweet??? Thanks granny!

And today, my mom, niece & I went shopping at the new Kohl's in town & I bought a nightgown for Zoey. Just look at it!!!! I'm saving it for a Christmas present. (Yes, I'm one of those insane freakos that shop WAY early for my most favoritest holiday in the whole widest world. ) And the hanger was one I painted after seeing a cute design in a mag about 4 years ago. I forgot about it!! It's a cupcake too! (hee hee) Hey, that gets me to thinkin'. Hmm.....I just might have to make some for the shop.
And lastly, I thought it would be fun for you to see what I look like when I write to you. I just realized I have dirt under my fingernails just like my 3 year always does. Nice.


  1. hello Nikki
    That card is so nice very fall, oh how great you will be selling here there and everywhere over the planet soon.
    I love the nightie cupcakes rule, how awesome.
    what a pretty mag me wants one
    take care

  2. Your cards rock!
    Taste of Home is soo awesome, I just love it, need a qucik delicious recipe..Taste of Home is it.
    Lol... nice hand..=)


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