Sunday, October 7, 2007

Mexican Chocolate & Stuff.

Today was a fab Fall day. It actually felt quite warm, but I still indulged in my newest favorite warm tummy drink--Mexican Hot Chocolate. It's a cinnamon sweet chocolate taste. I grate the thick chocolate bars with a cheese grater & toss it in hot water & add a bit of milk. Delicious.

And, I'm experimenting with a fun freebie to toss in orders--for a limited time only!--in my Etsy shop, WhiMSy love. I found some really inexpensive memo books & I thought I'd give a go at ironing on some cupcake sweetness with fabric & that fusible iron-on stuff I like to use, right on the front covers. We'll see how it goes. I'll post pics if I don't make too much of a mess.

OH! And, holy crap-ole-ee! I purchased a book yesterday at Barnes & Noble, 'Bend the Rules Sewing' by Amy Karol. I had seen it on Lisa's blog, Polka Dot Creations & even visited Amy Karol's blog, angry chicken. I love this book & I am so stoked & excited & pumped to get my sewing machine out again!!! I'm taking her word that it's a great book for beginners. And my first project?? An apron- from that awesome vintage, brown, & cream fabric that I showed last week. "Make an apron from that fabric!" was heard from a couple of you, so I am going for it!
And I can't wait to tackle the zip pouches, the totes, napkins, placemats, & lots of fun kids stuff in there!!!!!


  1. ohhhyeah i cant wait to see that apron. i just bought some great fabric today and have been aproning away too. good luck

  2. oh fabola Nikki, I keep looking at that book too but I literally I can not sew I am to frightened to even touch my sewing machine so let me know if that is an easy book, oh I can't wai to see the apron or the books

  3. I bet it's going to turn out lovely! The apron... your warm drink sounds yummy..


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