Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My Latest Shrinky Dink Project

Last weekend I madly searched the internet for shrinky dink projects. And, look what I learned how to make! They are sewing pins topped with the sweetest itty bitty shrinky dink decorations! I don't have a cute pincushion to poke 'em into, so I might just have to make one of those too.

The first one I made was the very tiny light pink cupcake. I like that size best. I also outlined some in black pencil before baking. I actually like the ones that are NOT outlined--the dark pink & turquoise cupcakes & the chocolate chip cookie. Do you see that tiniest piece of cheesecake? There's also a piece of candy in there somewhere. I can't wait to make more tonight!

I was also taking pics around my house the other day & had to show this piece that I got as a gift last Christmas. It is one of my favorite pieces because Mr. WhiMSy love surprised me with it. It holds a lot of my crafty stuff. And I think the doll head on top is funny. But, I guess it could be considered creepy. I was vacuuming my house one day & the head was on the floor & I just popped it up there to get it out of the way & it's never come down.

My beloved button collection. I sorted them all by color. I get such a high doing mundane things like that. HAHA!

I don't know why, but I have a strange attraction to salt & pepper shakers & interesting little bottles. I actually make little bouquets from buttons & use these as the "vases". I'll have to show those one day.

I distressed these letters & they lean above the window which sits right next to the dining table. I love my silly valance thingie made from torn strips of fabric tied to a rope. I have longer "curtain" versions of these hanging in my living room & bathroom.

The original lampshade on this lamp was a modern/oriental thingie. Not my style. So I covered it with a little girls "petticoat" that I cut up & sewed to fit. And the movie poster in the background is one that my mom gave my dad -I'm just "borrowing" it 'cause they're not using it. It's about 7' x 7' & is from 1916!!


  1. You are the shrinky dink queen! Too cute! Love the pics of your house too.

  2. very cute, the head would scare me in the middle of the night.
    I love the buttons all sorted and te eat letters are fab.

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  4. I LOVE the shrinky dink pins, it totally makes me want to play with shrinky dinks again. I bet the kiddos would have a blast with them!! ;O) I totally want to be a dinky do too! Haa look I'm half way there....I just doinked on your blog. Auh...am I your first dink???!!


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