Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Nik's Crafty Space

I know I've photographed my art studio before--in fact, I think I gave you a full-on view of my messy space quite a few months ago. I'm so excited at showing you my dry-eraseboard! (boring, I know...just smile & pretend you're interested.) I thought I'd give you a close-up look at some other organizational items in my studio that have helped me in the past to stay SOMEWHAT organized. I'm needing more help, but these little babies have helped to carry me this far...
YAY! My new pink whiteboard! It's a nice large size for my tiny wee studio-- 3' x 4'.

This is a really cute box I have hanging on the wall. I painted it up in a nice deep salmon color, added a cute vintage knob & added a really pretty shabby rose detail to the top. The tiny drawer is even lined in a really cute shabby paper! This box much holds all my packing supplies & things: tape, labels, biz cards, freebies, etc. It's pretty much empty now because all those things I just mentioned are scattered somewhere in "WhiMSy love" world. It'll get better. I'll get there. I promise.
I have always seen these wall hanging hook things at antique stores. I really don't know what they are for, but I stumbled upon one at a garage sale last year. They are hung REALLY high so curious little peoples will not get hurt. I hang my pretty hangers on them--awaiting a new home from someone special.
I got this 2' x 3' bulletin board at a thrift store for just a buck or two. I covered it in some material, painted the border a distressed white, & glued a bajillion vintage buttons all around. I use it as my "inspiration" board--tacking up bits & pieces of things & stuff that I love. I've made the tacks from vintage buttons as well. In fact, I sell similar tacks at WhiMSy love!
I found this shelf at another thrift shop. I painted it my favorite color of vintage green. It sits on top of my studio desk. And, the picture sucks, but I lined the back of each shelf with pages of a vintage book---the book is about filing & organizing! This shelf is great for all those little items I use frequently & might need in an immediate instance.
I saved my favorite organizing doo-dad for the end. I'm sure it's not a new idea, but I had never seen it before. I am ALWAYS seeing those vintage record holder stand thingies at thrift stores. So, I bought a couple & now I use them to organize & store my magazines. I am a magazine junkie, if you didn't know that. The thicker mags don't work for this, but I also have a vintage pattern holder that sits on the floor & I house some mags there too.

And guess what I found yesterday? I was at Rite-Aid getting some cough meds for the wee ones & I stumbled upon some different colors of dry erase markers!! I think the colors are a bit odd.

BUT, I did a google search & look what I found!!! I'm in dry erase marker heaven. 16 colored markers? Are you kidding me? I definitely had to order them. There's even a "pink" one! I mean, come on!--if that's not a sure sign to buy them, then I don't know what is...


  1. 16 colors? And low-odor to boot. Cool! I see you have a can of Sharpies, too. GMTA!

  2. Hey Nikki
    Thanks for showing us round must have missed the previous post of your room cause I have always wondered what your space looked like.
    I love that whiteboard, my mom has one in her room and I love playing on it, they are so much fun, we have a glass one in our kitchen, I am always drawing cupcakes on it and the hubby laughs, I love all your cute thrift finds I am super jealous

  3. Cute Cute Cute! you are soo organized! I really must take a cue from ya and get in my space! Creative Caos I call mine...
    Nice studio dear! =)
    Have a great day.


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