Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ugly Ornaments. I'm Ashamed.

I just don't think my crafty time in the car went so well on my weekend getaway. Look what I made. I am ashamed. I really am. (Did I mention I was sick all weekend too? That MUST have contributed....right?) I thought they were cute at first. And now I know they are rather not so cute. I'm SO not attached to them & I am willing to get rid of them. I like the basic concept of what I was going for. But somewhere something went wrong. (The first one is a cupcake. Can you tell? It's like a 7 year old with WAY too much make-up on. And why would a 7 year old be wearing make-up anyway? That's how I feel when I look at that ornament. Poor cupcake. What have I done to you?) I need to rethink my designs.
How about an "Ornaments-Gone-Horribly-Wrong" SWAP? Joking. But, I think it'd be fun to have a trade. Anyone have an "ornament-gone-wrong" prototype they'd be willing to trade? Come on! It'd be kinda fun! The first two people that would like to trade a "not so pretty" ornament, let me know by leaving a comment! And don't go quickly makin' some nasty ugly thing just so you can have my gaudy cupcake or sad snowman ornament. It has to be one of those ornaments you've already made that just doesn't settle right with you, that you've set aside & makes your stomach turn in that sad sorta crafty & irreparable kinda way. YAY! Ugly for ugly!

Oh, I'm still working on another little cupcake & here's my work in progress. I'm taking it slow. And simple. And no more crafty car trips for me! I just want to create a couple of really sweet Christmas ornaments for the shop this year & I want them to be CUTE, but time is ticking...I'll let you know how it goes...


  1. i actually thought they were quite sweet. and yes i am sure i have something that would qualify for your trade offer. lol

  2. HAHA! I knew SOME people would think they weren't ugly. But, they just don't settle right with ME. YAY! I look forward to a trade with you!!

  3. okay you just shuuuush! Your cupcake is cute... and your snowman!! ;P

  4. nikki you are so critical of your work, i think the cupcake is darn cute

  5. I think the snowman is actually pretty cute! :) Guess I know what I'm gettin' for Christmas! haha :)



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