Monday, October 1, 2007

Weightlessness...Step One.

I don't know if you remember me talking about the "Weight Loss Wednesday" support group I joined over at Laura's blog, katydiddys. Well, for my first project, I FINALLY got a sketchbook today to use as a food journal. I looked everywhere for blank (as in, un-lined) journals & finally found one for $6.99 at Hastings. I decorated it with a cupcake. I know, I know. It makes sense to ME though. I used the same technique I use when I make my vintage thrifted aprons that are decorated with cupcakes--I use that fusible iron-on stuff. The journal happened to be hardbound & decorated with fabric. Score! Don't you love a fresh, brand new journal with all its blank wonderful pages staring back at you? I do! I'm planning to keep a constant stream of thoughts in this journal about this whole weighty thing & once a week record all the foodage I stuffed my face with that day. We're supposed to photograph or sketch a meal also. I'm excited to use this whole thing as an excuse to do some journaling & possibly get back to my sketching. I'm also excited to start walking, especially on these extremely cool fall evenings!


  1. OH Nikki your journal is gorgeous, I covered mine last night and don't like it much but haven't embellished it yet.
    Hope things are going well for you

  2. Great journal! Be sure to post a comment with a link to this entry on my blog under the Weight Loss Wednesday post so that everyone can find your beautiful artwork!


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