Monday, November 12, 2007

Continuing on with my Double Feature...

Ok, I've got a break to share my goodies with you!
Here's the book I was talking about: Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith. It was $12.95 at Barnes & Noble, but I'm sure you can get it cheaper elsewhere. I had to have it! Just look at some of the exercises you are asked to do in the book:

Keri dedicates this books to perfectionists all over the world. And, thought I don't consider myself a perfectionist anyMORE (unless I'm a perfectionist in denial?), I do realize I sometimes need to loosen up a bit when it comes to creativity & I know this book will help me to! Doesn't it look like fun! There are so many crazy exercises in the book! There's even a page that says: "Burn this page." or "Scribble wildly using only borrowed pens. Document where they were borrowed from." I was told by Laura over at katydiddys that there is even a "how to wreck a journal" flickr group.

I also grabbed my 5 year old & we headed off to the nearest candy store while doing our "nuffin'" family day. I got some cute Hello Kitty trinkets & I spotted some crazy colored m&m's. I chose light pink, light blue & cream. Don't you love 'em? Mr. WhiMSy love said they reminded him of Easter. Hmph.

And my last stop of the night was JoAnne's fabric store. I had loads of trim to get for my crafty time with the ladies at my MOPS group. I grabbed my mom for a visit while shopping & we peeked at the Christmas stuff. Look at the cute "ready to paint" wooden cupcake Christmas Ornament I found!! Only 59cents! I think the girls will love a crafty paintin' time with mommy.\

I don't have time to show my cool nifty project, so I'll have to show you tomorrow! That way, the ladies from my group will have done THEIR projects & I may have some pics from the class to show & I'll let you know how they liked it!

Have a great night! I'm off to package orders!


  1. Nuffin! sounds good to me! love those kinda the party hat too.
    Hey, that journal sounds sooo cool! I definatly need to 'lighten up' abit and get the creative juices flowin' favorite M&M's are...what else? Pink and Greens...or maybe it was Pink and Tan...or Robins egg blue and brown...ohh well! you get the picture!!lol!!!!

  2. i want everything in this post, that book is too cool, I will see if I can get that, I need to free myself.
    mmmmmmmm pink M&M's yummy.
    that cupcake deco is too cool

  3. i found it in the Uk and a steal at $12 i am getting it, sorry just had to tell someone


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