Tuesday, November 27, 2007

First Snow of Winter!

It snowed last night! But as I write this post at 2:30 in the afternoon, the snow is all gone. There will be more this week though! YAY! Behind my big noggin in that picture there IS snow.

I was visiting my mom earlier today & she & my 2 1/2 yr. old niece made a wee snowman. I decorated their 10" creation with a red-hot candy nose & buttons, 2 clove eyes & my dad's funky plastic toothpicks for arms. Aw, so cute! The candies started "bleeding" into the snow & turned him pink! I shoulda taken a pic of THAT! Poor little guy. He's probably dead by now.

OK, now onto crafty stuff. I love sparkles & glitter & shiny glamorous things! I have had these random jeweled bits for a while & I made 'em into magnets. I'm sewing simple little bags from vintage material to slip the "glam magnets" into.

I saw how to make these in a crafty mag over the weekend. These & the glam magnets will be in the shop tomorrow!


  1. The little tooth-flosser arms are the best!! :)

  2. snow how cool, i love snow.
    how cute is the mini snowman he will be able to look after his teeth. lol.
    love the sparkley, i love sparkles

  3. Sorry Nicki...You're tagged.

  4. Those are really cool! I like the arms on your snow man. Very inventive and funny.


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