Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I've Been Tagged

"I'm it!!", as they say. I actually don't mind being tagged. (It's the "tagging" part I'm not so good at...)

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I was tagged by Geri at Altered Crow Designs.

1. When I was a kid (around 10-12), my mom let me paint my room in bright crazy colors AND she let me write all over the walls in my closet. SO, whenever my friends would spend the night, we'd fill the walls with anything from random grafitti to the name of our favorite boy in school.

2. One of the first times I kissed a boy--it was an awkward moment as it was--I leaned in for a kiss....& was the only one to use my tongue. Double awkward.

3. I usually grow my hair long, & then I get sick of it & cut it really, really short--like a pixie cut. And then I grow it long...cut it short, etc. It's a whole cycle with me. But lately, I've been enjoying my long hair a lot, so I don't know if there are any pixie's in my future...

4. I hate the term "lol". HATE IT. I'm sure I've used it sometime in the past. But, my term of preference, instead of "lol", is HAHA! And seriously, you can imagine what sort of laugh I emit when something funny is said or done---I can guffaw with the best of 'em!!! I LOVE to laugh & I LOVE to make people laugh!

5. I have long-ish thumbs.

6. When I was 9, I auditioned to be in The Nutcracker ballet, & got a part as one of the "party children" in the beginning scenes. I performed--along with many other children--with the New Orleans City Ballet Company & it was a very intense experience, one that I'll never forget.

7. I drool for Edward Norton, Christian Bale, Matthew McConaughey, Gerard Butler, & Ryan Gosling (he's in my FAVORITE movie EVER:--The Notebook)....just to name a few, ya know?


  1. oh nikki I am so loving your facts, my hair does the same circle, I have the thickest hair ever literally I look like a monkey and its wavy and frizzy so I cut it short when I get annoyed it don't grow, its the longest its been in 3 years which is just past shoulders and taken me that long to grow but now I hate it and want to cut it, I am trying to resist.
    I have extremes, I shaved my head totally to a grade 2 about 8 years ago longest was about 1 inch above my knees.

  2. and ed norton Oh my oh and matt scrummy especially in sahara and bale scrummy oh i like so many too

  3. I'm so glad you did'nt mind!!!! Now for the weirdness!!! I had a writing wall too!!!! When I was in high school my mom painted my room white!!! I was devastated, but then she said i could do whatever I wanted to my entry wall, which was thisskinny little wall about 16 inches wide. We COVERED that wall floor to ceiling!!! Every inportant thing that hapened to me or my friends those 4 years was inscribed to that wall. I loved it. The year I got married my parents bought a new house and I was living in England, my dad carefully cut that wallpaper we had painted over and carefully laminated it and him and my mom still have it rolled up in her hope chest!


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