Saturday, November 10, 2007

My New Old Christmas Treasures

I'm really loving this Grateful Days Challenge SO much!
And today, it might be a selfish thing I'm thankful for: my "Nikki Time"! Yep, every Saturday I get a few hours of time to myself. The hubby watches the wee ones & I escape to whatever world I desire to create for myself in that span of time. Sometimes it's garage sales, or thrifting, or shopping, or coffee with my sis, or hanging with ma, or roaming around the library, or crafting in a closed room. I guess I should be thankful for Mr. WhiMSy love that supports the fact that mommy needs a break now & then! I always look forward to my Saturdays & sometimes it even gets me through the week--during those occasional rough weeks, ya know? And today, being Saturday, I get my Nikki Time! YAY! I think I'll get crafty today.

I had a really nice time on Thursday after I dropped the girls at preschool. I headed over to my mom's house & we were able to look through all of my grandpa's Christmas ornaments that my parents just recently rescued in Seattle after my grandpa Bill passed away a few months ago. The holiday goodies were shared with my parents, myself & my brother & sister. It's so fun to have some of his old decorations. I took some pictures of a few of my new treasures...
This is a large vintage green burlap "Santa Sack" decorated with felt images. I can't wait to load it with goodies underneath the Christmas tree!

This circular piece of netting decorated with red felt bells, silver rickrack, bows & "jewels" is very damaged with a lot of stains, so I plan on repurposing the red bell embellishments & using them on another project.

This cluster of Chinese lantern lights was in with the Christmas decorations, so my grandpa & grandma must have used them during the holidays. I think I'll keep them here in my art studio. They are really fun!

These are my favorites! (Especially the pink one!) They scream "vintage" to me! I need to perform surgery on a couple of their ears. The girls are playing "reindeer & Barbies" with these right now.


  1. oh I really love those lanterns and deer! And I love that they have such a great history -that is absolutely something to be grateful for!

  2. wow what beautiful treats, love the pink reindeer too. Your grandparents kept delicious treats for you to find


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