Monday, November 19, 2007

A Quick Moment of Thanks...

I forgot to post my thankful thoughts for the Grateful Days Challenge yesterday. So, you'll get a 2-fer-1 now...

I'm first thankful for...being thought of. That sounds SO silly & lame. I know. But, it's nice to think that someone, somewhere might be thinking of me....

The second thing I'm grateful for is....sushi. I've never even had sushi. The thought of it makes me gag. But, I know that someday, somewhere, I WILL eat sushi. I'm adventurous like that. But sushi, in this sense, also represents all the things I've yet to try, all the things I've yet to experience... I'm thankful for all that I haven't done or seen or tried yet. I'm thankful for all those little adventures that still await me, including eating sushi.

And the picture shown is a birthday gift I had for a friend who really likes sushi. The card was custom, made by Laura Bray at katydid designs. And the sushi magnets were created by Clayworks by Kim Detmers.


  1. Even my 2 year old eats sushi! Go try it. Start with a California roll-it's not raw fish!

  2. what a beautiful post, I ahve tried Sushi onc not the raw fish one, didn't much like it.
    Love those magnets


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