Monday, November 5, 2007

Sillies & Treasures & Fun....Oh My!

Let me start out by saying: YAY! YAHOO! YEEHAAAAA! I've made my 100th sale!!!! I'm really excited & want to thank all of my loyal Etsy fans & customers. You rock! And, my 100th customer will be receiving an assortment of WhiMSy love goodies! Beck, at Little Daisy Chains , was that said customer & she made my day when I returned from a fun weekend to see that I had reached 100!

By the way, this is going to be a picture-packed post. Mr. WhiMSy love & I picked up some fun little goodies on our weekend trip! Our first stop was a Goodwill where I snatched up a 70+ piece Huckleberry Hound comic book puzzle from the year I was born! (1975, if you must know.) Cool, huh? Late that same night, Scott & I put the puzzle together in our hotel mini-suite & ALL the pieces were in the box. Isn't that amazing?! Here we are acting like a pair of goobers, proud of our mad puzzle skills...

At the same Goodwill where I found the puzzle, I also spotted this vintage pink & white wedding dress. It's vintage & tacky & awesome! I don't know what I'm going to do with it, but I had to have it after glancing at the $4.50 price tag! I could use the fabric for some cool projects. I could wear it for dress-up. I could hang it as curtains. Who knows, ya know?

We were on the lookout for forks as the fork easels at WhiMSy love continue to be the fastest selling product in the shop. I want to stock up & be prepared for the upcoming holidays. WELL, on our next stop we hit the MOTHERLOAD! We found a blessed & holy overflowing basket-o-forks at a location that will remain unnamed due to the fact that I need a supplier & if you know the whereabouts I may have to perform some crazy punching & kicking & flying moves in defense of MY forks. Got it?

We finally made it to Pendleton & I took some fun photos as we walked through the town & at this point in our lives Mr. WhiMSy love is used to my frequent "point & shoot at some silly object" urges that I get a lot, especially when walking around an unknown town with random possibilities at the turn of every corner.

I'm a sucker for mannequin heads. It was a beautiful, bright & sunny day, so my reflection can be seen in this store window display...

This photo is the inside of my favorite antique spot in Pendleton, The Collector's Gallery. It is jam-packed with stuff. You have to climb over (or trip over) boxes & piles of stuff everywhere! You can dig through boxes that haven't been unsorted. You can wade through junk & peek around dusty corners not knowing what you'll next find. It is just a heavenly place to me. I don't even think this photo shows the reality all too well. The owner was telling me how she is trying to get organized, but the last time I was here it looked the same exact way--& that was 3 years ago!

The tiniest car I have ever seen. It's so cute!

I must explain this next photo.....As kids, my brother & I used to ALWAYS jump on the beds when my family stayed at hotels. It was just a thing we did. (I used to always talk through the mirror too, pretending someone was on the other side watching, but that's ANOTHER story.) Anyway, I asked Mr. WhiMSy love to snap a photo, you know, as a memento & all. In fact, we were late to a meeting because I had to get JUST the right photo. HAHA!

We even had time at the end of our day to find a park & do some swingin'. Don't you love this vintage lamb toy? It's all faded & chipped & awesome!

Goodies totaled, I got 56 vintage forks, a Nursery Counting book from 1947 (1 dollar!) I'm thinking of creating something with it for my mom as a Christmas present because the book was published the same year she was born, a couple of shabby vintage wooden hangers (in my 2 favorite colors!), a tacky pink & white lacy vintage (possibly handmade?)wedding dress, that fun 1975 puzzle (50cents!) & a beautiful book (6 dollars) from 1894 titled "Scott's Poems" (I immediately thought of the sweet coincidence that Mr. WhiMSy love shares the same name so I HAD to have it. Of course the book is referring to Sir Walter Scott.)


  1. what a great trip! so good for you! love all the forks. don't you love an amazing find like that and feel all giddy inside???

  2. You two are sooo cute! I'm soo proud you have reached your 100th sale! good for you!
    p.s. the teeny car is called a smart car! my #1 would have had a cow right there being able to see one...
    fork-o-licious girlfriend!!

  3. what an immense trip, sounds like you and scott had the most amazing time, you guy's really know how to have fun.
    Smart Car - thats the tiny car, its my dream car, I have hired twice but can't afford one :*(
    100 sales woohoo for Nikki.
    Love ya being back
    Kara aka duchess

  4. What a fun & productive trip & then your 100th sale-no wonder you are jumping on beds!

  5. Congratulations!
    Looks like a fun trip and some great photos, thanks for sharing!

  6. What fun! Jumping on the bed? Doing puzzles? Swinging? Just who old *are* you?? Heh. What a great trip that sounds like :-)

    My mom was born in 1947, too!


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