Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Thankfulness, Blog Style.

I saw a challenge posted on Jerusalem's blog, my little life. Jerusalum is challenging anyone who wants to, to blog about one thing they are thankful for, everyday, for the next couple & a half weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. The goal is to keep us focused on the joys all around us that we may forget to notice as the busyness of the season starts to creep into our lives.

So, my thankful journey begins today with this: I am thankful for sharp scissors.... You buy your "special" scissors that are to be used ONLY for fabric, but it never fails that they always come in contact with paper (or cardboard or sticky projects covered in glue...). A few months ago I had a crafty night with some ladies at my house. We created a project with paper, scissors, adhesive, etc. When the night was over & everyone went home, there was a pair of scissors that got left behind. I don't know who's they were. I still don't. I left an email for the missing scissors person, but got no response. But I now use those scissors. And man are they sharp. They cut through my felt & other fabric like....well....like how sharp scissors SHOULD cut through felt & other fabric. These aren't those dollar store scissors that only close half-way either. And the funny thing is, they used to cut paper in their past life. Hmm. So anyway, I love those scissors. I am thankful for them. And I hope the owner of those scissors isn't reading this & you suddenly remember where your lost pair of scissors ended up. Please, just let me live this thankful life with your scissors. I'll treat them well. I promise.


  1. be thankful.... my house is where dull scissors come to die.

  2. oh there is nothing like that crisp sharp motion that a great pair of scissors makes... it is pure joy! Thanks for taking the grateful plunge! Should be fun!

  3. Yes.. I guard my 'scissors' very carefully! lol! amazing how something so simple as a nice pair of scissors can make a difference... Thank you for sharing your 'thankfulness.'
    I'm going to try and do this too...get's ones heart right.

  4. wow - I know what you mean 3 pairs of good fiskars ruined, oh what a great blog idea.


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