Sunday, November 18, 2007

YOWZA! It's My Favorite Things: Themed Christmas Gifts!

I thought I'd put together a very small collection of themed gifts--all handmade!-- to get yer noodle thinkin' for the whole shopping part of Christmas. Have fun looking...& shopping!
This post & the following FOUR posts contain gift ideas for The Chef/The Baker/ The Cook, The Dad or The Dude, The Diva, The Kid, & The Crafty Chik!


This Medium Everyday Spice Kit by Purpose Design is about as beautiful as it is functional! This shop claims to be where "Metropolitan Home meets Mad Scientist".

I use a torn up, stained, splattered & ripped version of this. It's a conversion chart! It's laminated & super useful & plus--it has cupcakes on it! It's called Conversion Confusion by Green Chair Press & it can made into a sturdy card to keep in your recipe books or a magnet for easy reference. Either way, it comes laminated--so it won't end up looking like mine!

The cook can be glam too! This charm necklace celebrates a love of cooking. It's called Beat It from a shop called "Jewelry by MatsudaBunch". She has LOTS of themed charm necklaces--so check them out!

I'm all about trivets. And, if they can be quirky AND useful, I'm TOTALLY all about it! I spied a "buttered toast trivet" from this same shop, so you'll have to settle for this fun PLAIN Toast Trivet instead! Made by Magic Forest Creations. They also make LOTS of beautiful pottery.

This just HAPPENS to be called The Cupcake Collection Oven Mitt. That's 'cause it matches a cupcake-adorned apron from the same collection. But, if you're like me & love polka-dots--then get this mitt!

Speaking of APRONS....Get this Crazy Cupcake Love Apron from WhiMSy love. This vintage apron has 4 big pockets & cupcakes galore--decorated with vintage fabrics & vintage buttons!

This is a set of 6 magnets called Cooks Essentials made by Eclectic Selections. They're created using graphics from a 1950's cookbook.

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