Sunday, December 9, 2007

Back in Action!

I had a fun weekend away & now I'm back in action!
I was bummed because my camera batteries were dying on my trip, so I only got a few pics. It was WAAAY to cold for walking a whole lot. So, this picture is when we were driving around. (haha!) The streets downtown were lined with lit up trees!
And, I learned something new about the city we were visiting. Walla Walla is quite the town full of wineries! (But mostly I just remember visiting this city as a kid every year to see my great-grandmother & passing by the STINKY paper mill!) And the region of Washington that I live in is the same latitude as some of the famous French country that produces wine also. Who knew?

This was a picture I took that only shows a tiny piece of a mural that was painted along the side of a building. My head would probably reach just the bottom of the picture.

One of the stops Mr. WhiMSy love & I made was to get MEEEEE a present!! (I had it gift wrapped even though I picked it out!) We decided to get each other cologne/perfume this year for Christmas. I decided on "HOT Couture" by Givenchy. We didn't get Scott's cologne 'cause my nose was DONE with sniffin'. MAN! We had so many perfume & cologne samples I was rather nauseous. I had hit my sniffin' limit. You're supposed to sniff coffee beans after you've sampled a few perfumes to neutralize it or something. There were small jars of coffee beans mixed in with the trays of perfume at the counters. After a while I just stuffed a coffee bean up each nostril. (Not really. But almost.)

Oh! &---I ordered my Christmas tree!!! I'm so excited! It's pink &, in fact, it's the same one that was pictured in a previous post. It has 500 pre-lit white lights & it's 6 feet tall. I don't even know when it will arrive. It hasn't even been shipped yet, so we may be putting up decorations on Christmas Eve.
I can't believe how quickly Christmas is approaching! Too fast! I'm about half done with my handmade gifts. That's what I've been busy doing. My poor hubby misses me.
In a couple days I'll have pics for you of my finished set of washable fleece foods! They are turning out SO cute!


  1. You look so lovely in that picture!

  2. I love the first pic of all the lights-- it looks really cool, like when they shoot passing cars in fast-frame, you know?? :)

    Hot-Couture, huh? Well, smell you!! Literally!! ;)

  3. yay! looks like you guys had lots of fun!! you smell chic!!


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