Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Farrah Fawcett & Baby Jesus

Here's the drawing I created for my mom's Christmas cards this year. It was different drawing this scene as compared to my beloved "dessert" drawings. It was fun though!

And look what came in the mail yesterday from my granny! She & I both love mannequin head stuff & she found this Farrah Fawcett makeup & hair styling head & sent it to me. I googled it & found out it is from 1978. Cool huh?

What do you think of my latest design? I thought of it yesterday. This is a super fast, super sloppy rendition. Zoey (my 5 year old) has this grubby blue shirt she wears when she does messy crafty projects. It's got stains & splotches all over it, so I thought I'd make it more cute & I decorated it with a rockin' cupcake. I am going to use this design for some other projects in my shop too!

These are my new little boxes for my vintage button rings! Didn't they turn out cute?! The shape is much cuter than the plain square box I used to use. Plus, I just cut & fold. With the square boxes I had to cut, fold, use double sticky adhesive & then tie with a strip of fabric. These are part of the 14 rings I sold that are partially being sent tomorrow.

I'm off to go get my last minute handmade stuff done for Christmas gifts. It's coming down to the final days, for reals! I'm waiting for a sock monkey kit too! I've never made a sock monkey before & it's a gift for my 7 month old nephew Kade.

Happy Crafting!


  1. Cool stuff! I think you will enjoy making your sock monkey. I have a blog on here too, and it is all about sock monkeys (mine are highly whimsical). I'm a newbie to sock monkeys, but totally obsessed! This is my blog: http://sockmonkeys-acraftersjourney.blogspot.com/

  2. I love the drawing! You have such a gift! Your Grandma rocks too!


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