Monday, December 17, 2007

Fe, Fi, Faux Food!

Did I say that I would show you the fleece food TOMORROW? I meant I'd show you in FOUR DAYS! (haha!) I have been SO busy trying to get Christmas gifts made, or doing holiday shopping so that I wouldn't have to do so much last minute stuff, that I didn't have a chance to sit my hiney down & show off my newest project! it is! My washable fleece foods! I am giving a set to my 3 year old niece & a set to my 3 & 5 year old girls. I had to bring a set out today for the photo shoot, so my girls saw it for the first time. I told them it was for their cousin. They loved it sooooo much & they wanted to play with it right away & Pazely even said, "That is so cool that Ellie gets this!" It just tickled me because I am excited to give them THEIRS on Christmas morning--& they have no clue! Zoey even said, "Aw mom, will you make me one?"
So, of course a set of faux food is not complete without sweets--my cupcake & 2 sugar cookies. I really could have gone crazy making more & more & more & more food, but I had to find a stopping point. I figure as birthdays or other holidays approach I can add fleece food installments to add to their collection.
A couple slices of apples---Granny Smith & Golden Delicious. I didn't do a red apple slice. I may still do one for their set.

Peanut Butter & Jelly! My 3 year old daughter's favorite meal. These slices of bread were the hardest thing to make of the whole set. But the splats of peanut butter & jelly were the easiest!
Catch of the day! Kind of a boring one.
Three large ravioli's. I tried to do a "sauce" for these, but everything I tried to make looked silly. As if fake ravioli's isn't silly enough. My favorite! It IS a rather tall burger, but it looks so cool! Complete with char grill marks on the burger & hand-sewn sesame seeds on the bun. The lettuce was the most fun thing to make in the set.

My mom loves this egg. The yolk is the perfect color! I never thought I'd say this, but "What a cute egg!"
A stack of three pancakes, topped with two pats of butter. This was a higher quality fleece that I bought--more expensive. It is more fuzzy & thick.

I've been having discussions with my niece about Christmas & presents & I have found out that she is a pink freak--like her auntie! I was originally going to package her items in some super cute boxes I got at Old Navy (of all places?), but realized I had this pink bag (that I showed before), made from a placemat. So, I'll stuff her set of food in there, along with a tiny pot holder, oven mitt, chef's hat & apron that I will embellish with cupcakes. (I've yet to convert her to become a cupcake lover. Pink + cupcakes=we'll be twins!)
This is one of the boxes that I got at Old Navy. Don't adjust your screen--it is the brightest pink & orange I have ever seen. The other box I got is like a black & white hounds-tooth print. My girls may fight over this ONE, so I got TWO... just in case.
I had to show you the cutest little 1" pins/buttons I got while out shopping last week in the mall (gag, gag, I hate the mall). (They were $1.50 each!) It's a new funky shop called Fuego. On the side of the button is a link to the website where you can see ALL the buttons & other cool stuff!.... There were so many to choose from & I may go back & get some more. Super fun stocking stuffers!
Zoey is my "cowgirl" (She wants to be either a cowgirl who teaches ballet when she grows up or a mommy who rides horses.), & Pazely is my "cutie pie". My Auntie Beth is getting the "biker chick", I got myself the "goofball", I HAD to have the "cup cake" & Mr. WhiMSy love is my "stud muffin".

I finally got my Christmas cards sent yesterday. I sent out 50 Christmas cupcake cards!-- & oh!--tomorrow I'll show you the card my mom sent to her friends & family this year. She asked ME to create a holiday card for her!
I still long & wait for my sweet pink tree to arrive...I LOVE Christmas, but is it wierd that it doesn't feel like Christmas to me without a tree up?
So, that's it! My super long, super photo packed post! I hope you all are crafting away & having fun preparing for the upcoming holiday!


  1. Yay!
    Your food turned out soo cute!!
    I never was able to hear your on your blog..lovely..

  2. oh my the food is totally amazing, so cool, seriously, these i think could be a massive seller for you, you should defo next year do some for the shop, the girlz are going to be stoked.
    Love the cute buttons as well what amazing ideas.
    hope tree is here soon

  3. girl you are soo amazing!!! those are too cute. good thing i am reading this while my pink lover is in school or all i would hear is make me some make me some!!!
    i have you ugly ornament ready to be shipped. confession its been in my purse for over a week. sorry. send good vibes i'll get it mailed today. HAHA :P.

  4. Ridiculously cute!!! Just like everything you do...

  5. The fleece food looks amazing! Great job!


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