Friday, December 21, 2007

Holiday Quiz Fun!

I had a few spare moments in my day to linger around some of my favorite blogs & stumbled upon some personality quizzes on Jeanetta's blog. I love those things! Here's my results... Some are kinda funny--like, "What Kind of Gift Giver Are You?" Um...duh!

My hubby & I are going on our weekly date night tonight. We've hired a sitter (for the second time EVER!) & we're going to Red Robin to eat---(YUM! Bonzai Burger here I come!) We're hoping to purchase our FINAL gifts for Christmas. Oh, & how romantic is this: Mr. WhiMSy love's mom is going to buy us a new mattress for Christmas, so we 're going mattress shopping! I'm totally going to test the beds by jumping on them. Seriously. If it's not springy & fun-like, it's not for me.


  1. I am hot cocoa, and a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie. Yup, totally!! :)

  2. why am i always attracted to the buddy's
    jerusalem got buddy too.
    man you found alot of theose over there i'll have to check all those out.


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