Friday, December 7, 2007

Holiday Rendezvous...

Look what I found in my art studio as I was searching for supplies....Isn't it so cute? It's my girls' tiny plastic fork that goes to their tiny kitchen set--sitting amongst my grown up forks waiting to turn into fork easels. I love finding their toys in random spots, stopped in mid-play.

Well, I'm outtie this weekend! Mr. WhiMSy love & I are going to Walla Walla (about an hour drive) to his work party. But, mostly we're going out of town to hang out & be together & all that mushy stuff. Oh, & possibly some holiday shopping.

I'll be stitching more of my little washable fleece foods on the way to & from our destination. I'm excited to do the big reveal when-eva I get these gosh darn things done! It'll be worth the wait though.

Have a happy weekend!!! Don't miss me too much.

Love & cupcakes,



  1. oh I hope you had a fan dabby adult time, sounds fun

  2. That wee fork makes ya wanta grin doesn't it?!! loove it..had a few of those heart warming little 'gifts'..a tiny envelope with a 'I love you mom' note from #2! He is infamous for his little surprises..
    Hope your weekend was Romantic and Fab!


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