Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I'm Dreaming of a Pink Christmas!!!

Here's my new pink tree!!!! It was so super easy--& super fast---to put up! It's my first PRE-LIT Christmas tree & I highly recommend them!! Mr. WhiMSy love even said it made the house more cheery & lightened things up. (Not like I live in a goth cave or anything!--my house is pretty cheery anyways.) I had fun with my camera & my new tree, so get ready for some major pink-ness & some showing off! I definitely need a tree skirt--I've always wanted to make one, so what a grand excuse to MAKE SOMETHING!--(next year.)

Here's the tree in more daylight. Notice that I didn't even bother to pick up the random shoe, the coat, the dirty sock...

This is the ornament I got from my swap buddy from the last cupcake swap I did earlier this year. I love it! It's actually been out all year hanging on a knob.


I love this ornament. My parents gave it to me when I was about 11 years old & performed in the Nutcracker Ballet with the New Orleans Ballet Company. The head fell off some years later & my dad glued it back on---backwards! I love laughing at it every year when I pull it out of the box of decorations.

I got this ornament several years ago at Anthropologie when I lived in Scottsdale, Arizona. It's one of my favorite shops! It has a lovely handmade/vintage feel.

This decoration is a frame ornament I bought at Pottery Barn & then filled it with a picture of Mr. WhiMSy love & I smooching when the clock struck midnight for the year 2000. It's our "Millenium Kiss". He was working late as a valet & I drove down to see him & spend the New Year with him parking cars. Very romantic huh!?

This is the little wooden 99cent ornament I bought at JoAnne's. The girls & I painted a couple nights ago & this is the finished product.

I just bought this vintage ornament on Saturday at one of my favorite antique spots in town. I saw it from far away & thought it was a cupcake! It's not, but it gives the elusion of one, so that's just as good!

This one needs explaining. This is an ornament that I remember hanging on our tree every year as a kid. It was one of those "toss-it-away-raggedy-ornaments" that I refused to let my mom get rid of. So, I inherited it. It's falling apart. But I love my disco mushroom anyway!

I don't have a designer tree. Someday I'd like one, I think. But, I love looking at my tree every year because it is a tree of memories. I love looking at each ornament & remembering when my kids made it, thinking of where we bought each decoration, reminiscing about the memory surrounding each tiny piece. And my most favorite thing in the world around Christmas is turning all the lights off---except for the tree lights---& sitting & gazing....


  1. wow that is a pink tree. i dont think i could ever have a designer tree. like you i have too many special ornaments that were gotten to remember special things that had happened that year or a certain hobby or places my mom and dad had traveled while they were driving trucks together.
    i mailed you "ugly" ornament on tuesday. hopefully it will get there to rest on your tree before the big day.

  2. oh wow pink christmasy goodness, I am super super jealous.
    love all your little ornaments with history gorgeous

  3. I love that your ornaments have a story. It's because most of the ornaments on our tree have a story too that I won't ever have a designer tree.

    One of my favorite Christmas traditions (started when my mom was a girl... and maybe before that) is that the kids each get a new ornament every year (sometimes one from me and one from each grandma - I usually get one for me too). I put their initials and the year on the back or bottom and when we decorate the tree every year, they can remember when they got each one. I love this tradition, because when they are old enough to move out, they'll have their own keepsake ornaments to decorate their tree.


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